Rob Ellis Is Back on WIP


I wasn’t going to dub this a RADIO WARS post, because this is the stupid version of low-level hostage swap. But it’s worth noting for the sheer absurdity of it all. Once you’re in the club, you never leave. Case in point: Rob Ellis was a CSN producer who worked his way up to on-air duties while simultaneously picking up hosting roles at WIP. He took over for Glen Macnow on the WIP afternoon show, co-hosting with Anthony Gargano. He was unceremoniously replaced by Josh Innes. He moved to 97.5, where he and Harry Mayes got pummeled in the ratings. His contract wasn’t renewed as he was replaced by Jason Myrtetus. All the while, Ellis’ morning show, Breakfast on Broad, was cancelled. He’s stayed on at NBC Sports Philly as a roving host and debater.

I pass no judgement here, but merely point out that is Ellis’ recent on-air history. One local radio industry insider commented on the incestuous nature of it all: “People that are not normal and sane make dynamic radio personalities. Rob is normal and that makes him boring… he is recycled boredom.” Now he’s back on WIP, albeit in what seems like a part-time role. Stay within the circles. SPIN UP:


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  1. Rob is good in the right situation. Used to love his night show on wip and when he would fill in for macnow on the weekend

  2. Thats great.

    Nothing important??
    Say like catching the “Golden State Killer” via DNA match?


  3. I think Kinker should replace Cuz on 97.5.
    He can’t do any worse and he’s probably smart enough to know that
    Meatlocker Schtick is just a lame attempt at hero worship and brown nosing
    and he’ll dump that.
    I think he could beat that gasbag fake laugh Cuz’s ratings easy.

  4. Heard WIP wanted to bring back Josh Innes but he’s now too fat to fit through the studio doors.

  5. I’ll take a genuine, smart, knowledgeable actually-from-Philly host like Rob any day over a cartoon caricature of a talk radio host like Innes or Ike Reese.

    1. WTF does being from Philly have to do with it. Cataldi’s been on for 25 years and doubles Mr. South Philly Cuz.

      Rob E sux everywhere!

      1. You totally missed the reference — Innes was a poser who pretended to be a an over-the-top “4 for 4” Philly guy. Ellis is the guy I’d talk sports with at the bar or barbershop. He’s a real dude, not a cartoon character.

  6. WIP was going to bring back Josh Innes but there was a disagreement over his plane ticket.

    See, Josh is too fat to sit coach so something had to be worked out. WIP wanted to get Josh 2 coach seats next to each other. Josh was demanding a first class seat. The relationship fizzled out from there and no meeting occurred.

  7. Have to disagree with most of these comments. I think radio is the medium for Robby E. I drivest night for my job and loved his show on WIP. He is knowledgeable and really understands Philly sports. In my opinion one of the best

  8. Rob, by himself, at night was OK. I didn’t like him paired with others except maybe Macnow.

    1. “I’ll take sarcastic boring middle-aged white guys for $400 Alex”

  9. Rob is sex on the radio to me.

    How do baseball players stay cool?
    They sit next to their fans

  10. Even his tweets are lame. “It’s been a minute……” Rob is your classic middle age dad trying to sound hip.

  11. Nothing on that piece of fucking shit Mumia asking AGAIN for an appeal? FUCK HIM.

  12. He’s more qualified than Amy and Mark. So what if he is boring. They replaced one carnival barker with two carnival barkers.

    1. He didn’t get that but he got PTSD from working mere inches from that ice pick on S. Baicker’s face every morning

  13. I actually thoroughly enjoyed listening to ellis and mayes. I am not a fan of ritchie as at times he comes off as an all-knowing jock. He flips to a normal guy at other times though as well. But good to see rob ellis is back, but as with all these radio slots, we’ll see how long and with whom.

    1. Look out for the runner in Germantown with one sock. He left the other one next to the pile in my yard this morning.

      1. It was me. I’m a dead shot, too. Once hit a paintcan top dead center from the second floor window.

  14. has big daddy ever said any thing funny, who goes to his shows? crickets

    1. Could be worse. Before Sonny Hill’s show they have some dude interviewing old ladies and before that – show tunes.
      Show tunes?!
      BDG is third worst. So he’s got that going for him.

      1. That’s a show? I thought it was the Big Daddy infomercial hour. “Dr. Don is in at 5 AM to run a train on my wife”

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