I wasn’t going to dub this a RADIO WARS post, because this is the stupid version of low-level hostage swap. But it’s worth noting for the sheer absurdity of it all. Once you’re in the club, you never leave. Case in point: Rob Ellis was a CSN producer who worked his way up to on-air duties while simultaneously picking up hosting roles at WIP. He took over for Glen Macnow on the WIP afternoon show, co-hosting with Anthony Gargano. He was unceremoniously replaced by Josh Innes. He moved to 97.5, where he and Harry Mayes got pummeled in the ratings. His contract wasn’t renewed as he was replaced by Jason Myrtetus. All the while, Ellis’ morning show, Breakfast on Broad, was cancelled. He’s stayed on at NBC Sports Philly as a roving host and debater.

I pass no judgement here, but merely point out that is Ellis’ recent on-air history. One local radio industry insider commented on the incestuous nature of it all: “People that are not normal and sane make dynamic radio personalities. Rob is normal and that makes him boring… he is recycled boredom.” Now he’s back on WIP, albeit in what seems like a part-time role. Stay within the circles. SPIN UP: