The Not Worst of Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Suchat Pederson/The News Journal via USA TODAY NETWORK

Some schlub in the comments section didn’t like the “Worst of Philadelphia” bracket because he/she thought it was “a dumb series of posts that only enhance the negative views of the city.”

Congratulations to he/she for being the only person to take the bracket seriously, and for also lacking a sense of humor.

But I realize that a three-week competition to determine the worst things about Philly is intrinsically negative, and Crossing Broad is a website that was founded on fair and balanced journalism.

So in the interest of equilibrium, and also just to prove that I’m not a total asshole, I whipped this up:

Looks like a pretty good field to me.

I think I’d have to assign “Eagles Super Bowl champs” as the overall #1 seed. I could definitely see “it’s not New York” coming out of the bottom left region. Ron Brooks is a JUGGERNAUT on the other side of the bracket and I think “easy to walk and bike” would do some damage. Seriously, have you ever been to Atlanta or Los Angeles? You can’t walk or bike anywhere. Those cities are just big plastic suburbs.

Anyway, I think it’s important that we show positivity, objectivity, and fairness in our journalism, which I hope we’ve accomplished here.




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  1. Diversity is a 3 seed. So “craft beer scene” is more important than not being surrounded by horrible white people.

      1. Worst think in Philly is the cashiers who act like you’re a gigantic piece of shit who should be ashamed of yourself for wasting their time for wanting to buy whatever it is the business they work at sells. Second worst thing is assholes that don’t hold the door for you or don’t say thank you when you extend that kindness to them. Rude people can eat my dirty ball cheese basically..spread that shit on a cracker and savor it with some nice red wine even.

  2. Reading Terminal Market is way underseeded. They should be a #1 or #2 seed in that region.

  3. If you don’t actually go to games do you have a clue who Ron Brooks is? I’ve seen him live at least 5 times but don’t recall seeing him on TV

  4. No Embiid/Simmons in this bracket? Come on, Kev. Gotta have something Sixers-related besides an anthem singer.

  5. Can we talk about how hilarious it would be if “Ron Brooks’ National Anthem” faced off against “Easy to walk and bike”?

    1. The veteran with no legs that belts the shit out of the national anthem at Sixers games.

  6. This doesn’t prove you’re not an asshole, it reinforces the label. Congrats. Blogger schlub.

    1. Look at celebration of sporting events and the following parades of other large cities. Diversity is impressive in this city to be honest. sure there are spots where it is back in the 50s, but most of that is dying off anyway

      Pulling for the easy to walk and underrated music scene myself

      1. oh, and hope the craft beer comes to a crash in the 1st round. Should have paired it up with the “not too many poseurs”, let the hispters and their craft beer battle themselves

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