FOX News Apologized

Kyle wrote this morning about the Fox News clip that misrepresented Eagles players as taking a knee during the national anthem when they were praying instead.

Fox apologized a few minutes ago:


There you have it.

Time’s yours.


8 Responses

  1. Great. Now i can like Troy Aikman and Joe Buck again and stop my protest in front
    of the Liberty 1 building.

  2. Fuck Fox News.

    Lets be completely journalistically irresponsible and incite people with false information, then we’ll just issue a two sentence apology later that no one will see.

  3. Good, unlike MSLSD and CNN they apologize when they make mistakes

  4. Up your Chris. Your network was so frigging hot to get at the Eagles you didn’t do a modicum of research. Which is typical of the abomination that is “Fox News”

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