Here’s Video of Markelle Fultz Shooting From His Back

Photo Credit: @TheRenderNBA

Looks like “Still Balling” was right when she wrote this on Twitter about Markelle Fultz on December 9th:

“The so call mentor tried to force him to change the shot. Tapes have surfaced of the guy making Markelle shooting while sitting on a chair, while on his back on the floor etc. The guy denies it as doesn’t want to say Y was forced out of kid’s life. Y nobody reports this.”

Sure enough, The Render posted this video a short time ago, from Andrew Sharp’s Instagram, which looks to show, well, Fultz shooting on his back on the floor of the George Washington University gym in D.C. –

The video is from April 3rd, 2017, so it predates the NBA draft and summer league. Apparently it was just sitting there on Sharp’s IG this entire time, but I’ve never seen it before.

Thing is, the timeline is funky. The common thought was that Fultz started tweaking his shot sometime after summer league, not before it, because the mechanics looked perfectly fine during his short time on the court out west. Keith Williams, Fultz’s trainer, says he never changed the shot at all. Bryan Colangelo said that he felt like the changes took place sometime in August. 

Colangelo was again asked about that specifically, and said this back in February: 

How much of the retraining is due to repetitions with a personal trainer over the summer?

Colangelo: “That’s really a question that I can’t answer. We don’t know the answer to that. We don’t know what the cause of the injury was. There was an indication from the doctor in Kentucky that it was, perhaps, based on overuse, and maybe what I’ll call irregular motion and that’s what we said at the time. We don’t know if it was working on the shot that led to the soreness, or the soreness that led to working on the shot. But the fact of the matter is that sometime in August the injury occurred, and now we’re dealing with the consequences of that. Again, Markelle was drafted here because of his elite talent and his ability to play the game at an elite level, and we have every confidence that he’s going to return to that.”

And Brett Brown back in October:

I asked Brett Brown if we’re reading too much into it.

“Yea,” Brown said bluntly. “Everybody’s looking into it. It’s shocking to me. He’s a young guy that’s coming into the league and trying to make improvements, and all the other stuff that he does, people just really find interest in this (topic). In some ways, I don’t completely not understand it, but I feel like all the guys have had issues with trying to grow their game. Developing Markelle, for me, is obviously huge and we will continue to work on his shot.”

In his resignation statement yesterday, Colangelo claimed that the information his wife was sharing on Twitter was “filled with inaccuracies and conjecture,” which would not appear to be true, although it wasn’t exactly a blanket explanation that she was completely wrong in all regards. The way it’s worded doesn’t convince me that everything she wrote is totally invalid. That’s hard to believe.

That said, I don’t know if this is the same exact video the burner accounts were referencing. I’m scrolling through social media and apparently people are saying that more footage exists somewhere, which I would assume shows him sitting on a chair or whatever. I’m sure we’ll see it sooner rather than later.


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