People Are Petitioning for Molly Sullivan

As Phil wrote yesterday, Molly Sullivan was let go by NBC Sports Philadelphia. That development, however, is something that some folks can’t let go so easily. There are currently two petitions going around with the hopes of changing NBCSP’s decision, reuniting Sullivan with on-screen partners Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby.

The first petition asks the Sixers to “keep” Molly Sullivan as the sideline reporter:

While the second petition implores the Sixers to “bring back” Molly:

From petitioner Kiernan B:

“News has broke that NBCSPhilly has decided to “move in a new direction” from long time Sixers sideline reporter, Molly Sullivan.  The goal of this, as someone who watches every Sixers game and is a season ticket holder, is to bring awareness to how much the fan base appreciates Molly’s work.”

On the off chance you’re into signing online petitions, feel free to help the organizers get the 100 signatures they believe can make change possible.



9 Responses

  1. Hye CBWanker…….?
    We haven’t heard from Kinker lately.
    Maybe he has decided to move on in a new direction also?

  2. I like Molly well enough and I think she did a good job. Even though we all know that more than half the reason these women have these sideline jobs is for visual appeal, I think she knew her stuff and I respect that. Seems shitty of the Sixers to give her the boot unless there’s behind the scenes stuff we’ve not privy to.

  3. I just want to watch the game. I don’t need all the hoopla with so and so is working on his game with coach whatever. Or that Brown said the team can rise to greatness if they cut down on their turnovers. Does every game have a storyline. If the 6ixers play the Suns at home and Philly had won 10 in a row and the Suns have lost 12 in row, who cares. It’s just another game on the schedule. The 6ixers are going to be about 13 or 14 point favorite. How is there a story behind that. I also don’t care if Kevin has been a fan all of his life. As soon as LA becomes a super team he will be on the sidelines next to a rapper saying the same thing.

  4. Molly: What brings you to Charlotte?
    AI: I live here.

    Classic, we need more of that. Bring her back!

  5. I think there was a dispute between Alaa and Molly where Alaa wanted her to wear the hijab. The Sixers, fearing the repercussions of looking islamaphobic, decided it would be safer to just fire the infidel.

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