RADIO WARS: Clever Peanut Butter References

Yesterday we wrote about Mike Missanelli’s claims that his former producer, Jon Marks, now doing afternoon drive at rival 94 WIP, uses anonymous Twitter accounts to spread rumors and rip 97.5 the Fanatic.

Mike made the comments Friday afternoon on his show.

Marks didn’t immediately acknowledge the allegations but crafted a cheeky response on Monday evening, changing his Twitter name to “Barbara Bottini,” a reference to the Bryan Colangelo burner account saga:

The Skippy peanut butter in the profile picture is in response to Mike calling Marks “little Skippy” on his show. “Very little talent” is also a reference to Mike, who described Jon as a “VLT,” which is a term I had never heard until yesterday.

Anyway, good response by Marks. Lighthearted, witty, and creative.

Time’s yours.

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12 Responses

    1. Mike’s main go to response is “blah blah……your sister”. Mike is like 65 years old. So who is worse. Marks is just poking fun at Mike for thinking that calling someone Skippy somehow makes you sound tough.

  1. Anyone who cares would have already seen this on Twitter.

    Do I need a Crossing Broad subscription to read the rest of Marks’ tweets? When you guys host your “exclusive” subscriber events, do you chop it up about what radio hosts are tweeting?

  2. The moment the new owners took over 97.5, it was clear that Mike’s and the other on air staff’s days were numbered. Despite the deal with NBC P which costs them nothing, a format change is coming unless Beasley totally changes the way they do business.

  3. Good for Marks, he’s worked hard and paid his dues and now finally has a prime slot show that is doing well. Mike Miss is on the 18th green of his career anyway, I would guess he is gone in the next 2 or 3 years.

  4. I love how the comment section is just ad sales people from wip and the fanatic acting like 5 year olds, “no, I’m better!!!”

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