RADIO WARS: Mike Missanelli Accuses Former Producer Jon Marks of Using Fake Twitter Accounts To Criticize Him

97.5 the Fanatic’s annual “Fantasy Fest” is coming up next month, and if you’re wasting any of this sunny and beautiful weather on Twitter, you might have seen some rumors floating around that women aren’t allowed to go to the event.

That’s fake news according to personalities at the station. Women are more than welcome. There’s nothing on the actual ticket itself that says “no women allowed,” though children are barred from the event, which is for adults only:

Photo credit: “Travis Konecny” (@Bmer47)

Mike Missanelli addressed the rumors on Friday afternoon and then took a hard left turn, accusing 94 WIP and his former producer Jon Marks of using fake Twitter accounts to spread those “no women” rumors and criticize his show.

Here’s the audio, which includes some misinformation over the age policy before it gets into the Marks accusations around the one minute mark:

Here’s the transcription of the relevant stuff, with producer Tyrone Johnson and update anchor Natalie Egenolf:

Mike: “I guarantee you that was started by the other station and their insecurities, because I have seen fake Twitter accounts that rip this show and laud that other show, little Skippy over there that used to be my producer, I’ve been told is behind some fake accounts.”

Tyrone: “Oh!”

Mike: “Yeah.”

Tyrone: “Really?”

Mike: “Yeah. So when you resort to creating fake accounts like Barbara Bottini, to rip the show, that shows a level of desperation. That means you’re a V.L.T.”

Natalie: “A what?”

Mike: “Very little talent.”

Natalie: “Oh”

Tyrone: “That also means that have a PhD, which is a player hater’s degree.”

Mike: “Yeah. Listen, I know you’re desperate, because you are a V.L.T. But come on, fake twitter accounts? Come on.”


Marks used to produce Mike’s show I think 6-7 years ago before he was given the midday slot alongside Sean Brace. He later moved to the morning show – where Anthony Gargano never let him talk – before jumping ship to 94 WIP in 2016 and eventually assuming Chris Carlin’s afternoon drive gig with Ike Reese. Marks and Reese have done very well ratings-wise in recent months and have pulled even with Missanelli in a time slot that has historically belonged to 97.5.

Ironically, you might remember that Tony Bruno accused Missanelli of using fake Twitter accounts in the same way that Missanelli is now accusing Marks.

The burden is obviously on Mike to present some sort of evidence here. Otherwise, we could get Sixers Twitter on it. They’ll have it figured out by tomorrow.

We reached out to Entercom, who offered this comment via a spokesperson:

“The allegation that Jon Marks or anyone at WIP would create fake Twitter accounts to spread misinformation is false on every level and totally baseless.”


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  2. Mike miss is the OG of burner accounts after what he did to Bruno

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        2. Dwayne give it a rest. We get it. You’ve spent all day on Twitter playing defense against facts. But no one here wants to hear it. Be best.

    1. Sssshhhhh
      We have enough fake laughs on the show.
      We can do without him.

    2. He’s not returning after the honeymoon. He took another radio gig in NYC. Apparently tensions at WIP we’re high when he didn’t invite Al Morganti to his wedding.

  4. Hey Mike, I know you read this site so here’s what we all think of you. Go away old man. Stop pretending like you want to leave but are sticking around because of your fans. We all want you and the tired Italian shtick to go away for good. Take both morning guys with you. You haven’t been right about anything in years. This year alone you said the Eagles couldn’t win without Wentz, the Phillies would win no more than 80 games, Nola was a #3 to you, the Flyers would be in the Final after that 10 game streak, and the Sixers would be in the Finals and then get Lebron. You can put all the rap music, pretty girls, and Alt picks of the week in your show all you want, but no one likes you anymore. You’re old and done here.

  5. Nobody ever got laid at fantasy fest. Zero pussy and a bunch of zeros at that thing . Can see Bob C showing off his Dodge Ram at fantasy fest

  6. Fantasy Fest, brings back bad memories of Brace. I saw a video of him drunk and acting crazy there having the time of his life thinking the station was in love with his shtick and a couple weeks later was on the streets. Brutal business to be in

  7. This aint the first time Mikey Miss has had problems with his producer and it wont be the last. Didnt he punch a guy and get fired from 93.3 for it? Also, how much time do these people have to make burner accounts and create these faux personas? I barely find time for crossingbroad comments.

    1. WIP 610 when Steve O was his partner. Was at Brownies East…..I think. Howz his gyno bro Doc John doing ? Josh woulda STOMPED his greasy Bristol butt.

  8. Mikey Miss is just butthurt that he’s getting beat in the rating by Ike Fn Reese.
    That pretensious fwad MIkey is getting beat by Ike Reese.
    Mikey is a total failure at this point.
    He should go back to being a disc jockey and some shithole station
    300 miles north…like he was doing after he got shitcanned
    at WIP for using violence against his producer.

  9. Brother mike and brother ant are the best. I can’t wait for fantasy fest to meet brother Tyrone and sister Nat. It’s just a fun event where losers like myself come and meet other losers that call into each show every day with the same point made 3 hours ago.

    1. And then proceed to call the other station and repeat the point the host made on the first station the caller called in to, to sound more educated. Do these callers not have any lives?

    2. Hahahahahq Scott from barrington !! That dudes call makes me lol & smh at the same time. Always mentions his fake girlfriend on every call

  10. This sounds like Mike is desperate. Have a feeling a format change may be coming to 97.5 soon.

  11. And the only broad that is going to be there is N@t.

  12. Didn’t Missanelli literally make up callers on his own show? Totally laughable accusation from the second place station. They know the Eagles season is coming up and that the gap is only going to get wider.

  13. These guys are so whack. Miss looks like a child molesting count chocula, Marks looks like a demented circus acrobat.

  14. I find it amusing every time I listen to this guy, he tries so hard to stay relevant. He’s an old man who dyes his hair and quotes Flav-0-flav, wtf! He is clearly on meds for anger and depression. Can’t stand him and the other slobber mouth Gargano!

  15. These types of criticisms are not new for us, everybody knows these things and they are all common in today’s digital world. It is upon you that how you take such matters on the basis of reality.

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