Brent Celek Retires as a Philadelphia Eagle

Photo Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Will he or won’t he?

He will.

Brent Celek will retire as a Philadelphia Eagle and a Super Bowl champion after 11 fantastic seasons.

From the Birds’ press release:

Statement from Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie

“Brent Celek embodies everything it means to be a Philadelphia Eagle. He will obviously be remembered as one of the most accomplished tight ends in Eagles history, but his impact on our franchise goes far beyond the statistics he compiled over the course of his career. Brent was one of the toughest, smartest, and most selfless players who has ever stepped on the field for us. He led by example not just in the way he played the game, but also in how he prepared and the way he carried himself around the building and in the community. He was genuine, honest and accountable and he always represented the organization with class. He gave everything he had to the team. No matter what he was asked to do, Brent always embraced his role in a way that set a wonderful example for his teammates and young athletes everywhere. It was a pleasure watching him grow into the player and man that he became. There is nobody more deserving to finish his career as a Super Bowl Champion. We are excited for him and his family as they embark on the next stage of their lives. Our doors are always open to Brent and he will be an Eagle forever.”

Celek told 97.5 the Fanatic two weeks ago that he was “leaning towards” retirement despite having a few offers from other NFL teams.

I think he made the right choice here. Go out on top as a Super Bowl champion and one-team athlete. Don’t junk up your career with one okay year as a Dolphin or Buccaneer. Put a bow on a stellar run and ride off into the sunset.

Celek ends his career with 398 catches for 4,998 yards and 31 touchdowns. He started 175 regular season games and played on five playoff teams, snagging 27 balls for 257 yards and three scores in nine total postseason matchups.

Brent ranks fourth on the Eagles’ all-time list in regular season games played, those 175 contests ranking behind only David Akers, Brian Dawkins, and Harold Carmichael. He also ranks fourth on the all-time receptions list behind Carmichael, Pete Retzlaff, and Brian Westbrook.

I think the thing I’ll remember the most about Celek was that he put his body on the line for this team over and over again. He took a lot of hard hits, never avoided contact or short-armed balls, and really did exhibit that tired old “Philly tough” cliche. He certainly did not half-ass it on the field. He really put everything he had into his Eagles career, and that should be appreciated just as much as any statistical contributions he made.

This is a fitting way to end your NFL career:

Thanks for everything, Brent.


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      1. Just saying

  1. The one thing i’ll remember about Celek is his wh0re wife making out with some teenager during a radio show and Angelo going wild over it. There has probably been more dudes inside that chick than Brent has has catches in his career. Also after reading this uh…article, i just realized his name is Brent and not Brett

  2. Yea , waste your time worrying about a football player. Meanwhile we still have no gun control in this country. Utube ghost guns…. these things are legal? Insane.

    1. Hey moron. You’ll never have gun control in this country
      The anti gun people are to fn lazy to sustain any kind of
      long term protest and are weak.
      Move to England

    1. Yeah WIP has beat 97.5 for the 300th quarter in a row.
      97.5 will lay off some of their over priced hacks like gargano
      and missinelli and put even worse people in
      their slot like Shander and Nat Eggenoff.

  3. Ive never seen somebody struggle so bad to adapt to the NFL after being bubble wrapped so long. I honestly think some of us beer and wing experts on this site could catch a better ball than this guy.

    1. He was the ultimate Joe Banner player – cost-controlled mediocrity. The fans only loved him ’cause he white.

  4. Would have been a prolific TE earlier in his career had he had a QB! What a way to end.
    Cincinnati Bearcats have always been strong with the Eagles. Very underrated College football program puts out guys like this.
    Congrats Brent You the man and a “PHILLY “ guy

  5. Guy never complained. One of my favorite all time Eagles. Happy he got to go out a champion. Have a beer tonight Brent

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