RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Is Off a Previously Scheduled Appearance Tonight

Tensions may boil.

On the heels of the news that Marc Farzetta will be joining the 97.5 morning show comes some strife. We believe that many on-air folk at 97.5, including mulitple members of the morning show, were unaware of this development.

Jamie Lynch, Anthony Gargano’s good friend and on-air producer, tweeted the following:

Yeah, I got a question– wasn’t Anthony supposed to host that show?

The Maestro wondered, perhaps presciently, earlier if Farzetta could replace Gargano on the morning show. While Gargano’s abscense doesn’t prove that notion, the abrupt change in schedule is notable this evening.

We will keep you updated. I’d get on a war footing. Hide the women and children, also. BRAVE MEN:


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  1. Fatboy is out the door. Farzetta is a no talent fuck. 97.5 will be a country station in a year.

  2. Everyone knows cuz is at a victory party tonight at Gino’s Cafe in South Philly celebrating his trouncing of Pop Pop in the ratings.
    Word is Joey Merlino will make an appearance!

  3. This move makes zero sense for farzetta unless he got way overpaid…. 975 should have put tony and Harry back and reunite them as new morning show. I think Harry and Jason have been good but send Jason back w miss w a bigger on air position.. Tyrone is ruining that show.. then figure out middays… that’s my fix that would eventually have 975 winning both drive times…

    1. I loved Bruno and Mayes too. But that time has passed. Bring in fresh talent to freshen up the sports radio scene. The old Italian shtick is tired. The loudmouth, say something to stir up listeners is tired. I mean how many times in the last few months have you heard a host on 97.5 declare one thing only to do the opposite a few weeks later. Sixers will be in the Finals! Eagles can’t win with Foles! Phillies are a lock! Nola is a 2-3 starter at best. All these guys are passed their prime. Honestly they all were 10 years ago.

  4. Yo,booiii, watyouwanmedasay. Yo lissen, sumday its gonna give in a liddle. Not shore wat youwan me da do…

  5. In all honesty, Gargano is a terrible host. A morning show isn’t supposes to talk about what the hosts would do with a team or where different players should play on the floor for the Sixers and what it means for the future and talk about it for literally an hour with no phone calls!!!!!! It amazes me he’s lasted this long!!!

    Oh and Studying game film on the Radio!!!! What a brilliant idea!!!!!!

  6. he tagged my girl at Paul 6th back in the 80’s. never forgave him for that! karma baby…f-off. i heard Josh I is looking for a sidekick

  7. Yet again you use a photo from like 10 years ago. Where’s the one from fantasy fest that looks like he is pushing 4 bills?

  8. Love or hate the cuz at least the mother fucker keeps it sports . No political or tmz shit like other hosts.
    It’s a joke if they replace him with Angelo’s apprentice

    1. Cuz sux!!! Time for new blood. He’s had 3 years and hasn’t made a dent in Pop Pop’s ratings.

  9. Marc cost hundreds of thousands less than Ant. If you can save $200,000 a year and get the same ratings you make the move. If this is not the case then this show is toast. They would be better off just using E S P N programming like before.
    Why would you do this when Angelo is going to retire in the next few years. I know the guy keeps saying he will and doesn’t but it is going to happen eventually. Marc is not the future. He has never even been the main host of a day shift. He did 10pm shows once in a while and was a sidekick producer.

  10. I was having a drink at this bar in the city .This stocky happy looking Italian guy comes in and sits next me and starts cracking jokes at the TV (football). So we start bullshiting, debating sports , taking shots on touchdowns and what not. A crew of us finally leave to go to the Oregon dinner around 1am after the Saturday night Hawaii game on tv. And as we’re talking in the dinner, drunk off our assessment, I notice he looks really familiar. I mention this and just spits out, “Oh I’m The Cuz “
    Cuz was a Great guy that night and his crew were awesome too

  11. Maybe he is going to do another screenplay or be involved producing a movie.

  12. Gargano is so high on himself, I’m sure he thinks he can move over to ESPN anytime he wants. Maybe that’s what that meeting was about. I just don’t get his popularity. “Cuz” and “Bro” air names are just so embarrassing and sum up the level of creativity in Philly sports radio. Then again, every other commercial is for strip clubs and gambling. Walking around thinking he’s a badass becuse he’s “the Cuz”? Lol

  13. There is zero chance he would be taking off today with the return of Carson. Friday and Monday have the most listeners during the football season. The guys are just talking like nothing happened and not addressing the 2000 pound elephant in the room.

  14. It’s about time “The Cuz” was taken off the airwaves in this city. He can now go back to South Jersey and cry during s e x with MCW. Somewhere old man Glen Macnow is laughing. Farzetta isn’t bad, but it’s going to be hard to gain ratings from WIP’s Morning Show. The only person who may be a bigger noodle than Lankowski is Jamie Bro.

  15. Bet cuz ends up on afternoons with Mike… Mike’s ratings have been slipping and that show needs a boost

    1. No way that happens. Cuz is horrible to his on-air partners. Doesn’t know how to share the spotlight. Why would Missanelli want to work with someone like that?

      Cuz is done in Philly radio. Wore out his welcome at WIP. Now the same has happened at 97.5

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