NBC Sports Rolls Out New “MyTeams” App

I’m not a cord-cutter, but I hope to be in the near future.

We’re still hooked up to FIOS up here in Fishtown, so if I’m not watching the Sixers or Flyers or Phillies on TV, the routine has been to log in to NBC Sports Philadelphia via our cable provider and stream the games on my laptop. Then my wife watches Below Deck or The Real Housewives or whatever is on Bravo.

It’s been possible to stream games on the NBC Sports app since 2014, and a new service also allows you to stream local non-game footage from out of market locations.

Now NBC Sports is running out another app for Philly fans.

Writes Rob Tornoe at Philly.com:

Dubbed the MYTeams app, NBC Sports’ new mobile and tablet app wraps up coverage from NBC’s 11 regional sports networks, including NBC Sports Philadelphia, into an interface that focuses on team verticals. There’s not even a home screen — just a slider at the bottom that lets fans scan for live video, highlights, and stories across all the teams they decide to follow.

“There’s a difference between how we cover sports in Philadelphia, especially as it relates to the voice and tone of our coverage versus NBC Sports,” David Preschlack, president of NBC Sports Regional Networks, said. “I mean, we’re communicating to Philly fans in a really different way that Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison are on Sunday night, so there’s a different value to viewers.”

Fans will still need a cable subscription to view live game coverage, and the app is only available on smartphones and tablets, meaning viewers will still use the NBC Sports app to stream games on their television. Still, Preschlack said, the app is the largest non-game investment in the regional sports network’s history. The network hopes the app will counter a narrative in Philadelphia that NBC Sports is cutting back.

My first thought is that I’d rather have fewer apps than more apps. I remember when Facebook rolled out their messenger app, which was totally separate from the main app and took up a lot of space on your device. That was sort of a head-scratcher. In that regard, I’d prefer NBC just roll these two apps together.

The MYteams interface is a little funky, with no real menu and a slider that allows you to switch between your chosen teams, as Kyle demonstrates:

Beyond that, it’s pretty clean. There are no options for Villanova, Temple, the Union, or anything beyond the “four major sports,” of course, but there are toggles for push notifications and breaking news, which can be filtered by team. Maybe I can try out the live streaming tonight.

I don’t know if I’m the target consumer for something like this, since I spend all day glued to a computer anyway, but I’m not sure if two apps makes sense when everything could just be wrapped into one, i.e. the local element becomes part of the NBC Sports app where you go to stream the games on your device via your cable provider.

Anyway, I’ll mess around with this thing and see how it is.

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5 Responses

  1. Anyone remember the “Cuzzo” app? It was an app for The Cuz!

    They should bring it back. I want to know what The Cuz is up to at all hours of the day. He’s such a cool 4 for 4 Philly guy

    1. It’s a shame his past co-hosts didn’t have this app. Then they would have known when the Cuz was going to backstab them! What a big tub of goo!

  2. They are all designed the same way all over country. They are loaded with so many ads and autoplay advertisements that it makes the site unusable. It’s almost impossible to find articles from a particular writer like Roob. Everything is arranged in a haphazard fashion. I have to use an adblock to even attempt to read anything on the site. Ads are fine. The problem with everything today is autoplay videos. It’s worse than that, two of them will play at the same time.
    The awful announcing site has a video play no matter where you go on the page. It isn’t even an ad. The video has nothing to do with the story. It restarts on every article. If you just use static ads on the sides of articles everything is fine. Autoplay videos are a disaster. I have no problem if I manually play a video and there is a short 15 second ad. I respect sites trying to make money. Between rogue adware and the sites own ads most sites aren’t even worth going to.

  3. NBCSN is available on FIOS. It is not available on satellite (DISH or DIRECTV) Blame it on the way the system is set up. Njo other city is that way. Goes back to the PRISM days. Must be a reason for this.

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