RADIO WARS: Eytan Shander Is Now Out at 97.5

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Maestro has more.

Eytan Shander, earlier today reported to have had his hours cut significantly and mostly to weekend duty, has been let go from 97.5 following a series of Tweets this morning after news broke that he would not be included in the new morning show and that Harry Mayes was leaving the station.

The Tweets:

The “sup?” Tweet was quickly deleted earlier.

Shander has confirmed to me that he was let go from the station and that he is “grateful for all of my time there– you can still catch me on FOX 29 and SB Nation Radio.”

Much change today. The Red Wedding. HUMANITY:


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    1. I find Etta really hard to like but I also find him hard to hate. I respect the grind. He will be ok if he keeps working hard.

    1. His tweets this morning were overtly smug and clearly directed at his employer. Not only was it inevitable that they would fire him for having done such but he may not find work now in this area market. He’s not talented enough for WIP to overlook this stunt.

  1. Marks and Eytan on Saturday Mornings at WIP sounds like solid programming.

    97.5 has served it’s purpose of making WIP go FM now it’s gutter trash.

  2. This Shander idiot still thinks the Eagles are going to get Mariota.

  3. Getting rid of Mayes is utter BS. And to get the Italian primo gasbag to replace him is even more BS.
    I got used to Primo on the mornings, bc it was an alternative to the clown in the mornings on WIP.
    But reshuffling primo to middays ain’t the move……
    Eytan can go pound sand, he’s an emotional bitch…..
    Maybe, maybe, they could’ve had primo pair up with Mikey miss, that I may have be alright with.
    This station just scrambled itself during full swing of the NFL season, lol

  4. The Cuz is back. You have got to be shitting me!

  5. Posts about Gritty -1
    Posts about 97.5 – 5
    Posts about Philadelphia sports – 0

    Killing it today

    1. Yes. They are. Thats what draws clicks. Clicks draw advertising $. Keep up genius.

          1. Might be the first original dialogue on this site today. I’m two reposted tweets and a Wanks “I told you so” posts away from CB Bingo!

      1. No post. But I was right. Glad you brought it up.

        Also, there were two Eagles posts this morning.

        1. I’m counting it.

          Eagles posts are not showing up 🙁 first one it shows today is the podcast then it goes back to the 28th

  6. Both (((Mosher))) and (((Shander))) in a matter of weeks. It’s about damn time. Maybe now we can get back to quality, wholesome, gentile radio programming.

    97.5 is BACK!

  7. What the fark is “maestro”? This author thinks he created changes at the radio station? Sounds kinda douchy.

  8. Does Farzetta apologize for taking cuzs heart in the break room? Does Jason show his disdain for working with Anthony on the air? Is this current morning show so horrendously bad it might work? Is MCW still around?

    1. Thats a hard no…no more cuz schtick. Dude got demoted. Play your position and stop acting like an Italian caricature.

  9. So Shander trashes his employer on social media for all other future employers to see, nice move bonehead

  10. Adios Eytan. Another cry baby, soy boy, cuckolded, entitled, liberal loses their gig. All that aside, he was terrible on air. Look at all the make up he had to grow on his to look like a human

    1. Lighten up, you fascist piece of human excrement. Not everything is political, and if you make it political it makes you a low dick energy guy.

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