The maestro is preoccupied at the moment, so I’m handling this one.

Today’s news regards do-it-all 97.5 the Fanatic host Eytan Shander, who is informing the masses that his role has been cut back at the station. This appears to be the first domino to fall in the Anthony Gargano morning show shuffle.

From Eytan:



It’s true that Shander was a grinder. No disputing that.

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This is somewhat strange, in my opinion.

Shander was the Fanatic’s Swiss Army knife, the guy who covered every shift at the station. Think of him as 97.5’s Robert Covington, the glue guy who fills variety of roles and can defend both shooting guards and small forwards. Eytan frequently appeared on the morning show and also I believe was doing the new 5 a.m. show alongside Jamie Lynch, which would precede Gargano’s 6 to 10 a.m. slot. He was also a constant presence on the weekend.

He was not a “lead” personality, not in the way that Gargano or Mike Missanelli or Tony Bruno were used, but I find it a bit odd that Shander was the first person to receive a diminished role as the station re-works their morning lineup, since he was already operating as a floating utility guy anyway, right?

Perhaps also telling is the fact that Harry Mayes is not anchoring today. Joe Staszak is filling in alongside Jason Myrtetus from 10 to 2 p.m. Mayes is the longest tenured personality at the station and his absence on a football Monday is conspicuous, to say the least.

Anyway, Kyle says I have to do the Game of Thrones theme song for each of these posts, or else I’m fired, so here you go: