RADIO WARS: The First Domino to Fall

via 97.5 the Fanatic

The maestro is preoccupied at the moment, so I’m handling this one.

Today’s news regards do-it-all 97.5 the Fanatic host Eytan Shander, who is informing the masses that his role has been cut back at the station. This appears to be the first domino to fall in the Anthony Gargano morning show shuffle.

From Eytan:



It’s true that Shander was a grinder. No disputing that.

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This is somewhat strange, in my opinion.

Shander was the Fanatic’s Swiss Army knife, the guy who covered every shift at the station. Think of him as 97.5’s Robert Covington, the glue guy who fills variety of roles and can defend both shooting guards and small forwards. Eytan frequently appeared on the morning show and also I believe was doing the new 5 a.m. show alongside Jamie Lynch, which would precede Gargano’s 6 to 10 a.m. slot. He was also a constant presence on the weekend.

He was not a “lead” personality, not in the way that Gargano or Mike Missanelli or Tony Bruno were used, but I find it a bit odd that Shander was the first person to receive a diminished role as the station re-works their morning lineup, since he was already operating as a floating utility guy anyway, right?

Perhaps also telling is the fact that Harry Mayes is not anchoring today. Joe Staszak is filling in alongside Jason Myrtetus from 10 to 2 p.m. Mayes is the longest tenured personality at the station and his absence on a football Monday is conspicuous, to say the least.

Anyway, Kyle says I have to do the Game of Thrones theme song for each of these posts, or else I’m fired, so here you go:


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  1. Does anybody else think that Dawn Timmeney has fake breasts? She is a piece of ass for sure.

    1. Wouldn’t mind eating her butt.

      Anyone hear how hungover Jon Ritchie sounds today . He was definitely having a Sunday funday

    2. Anyone else hear that the Cuz will be combining forces with Mikey Miss in the afternoons. That’ll be an interesting show.

  2. Just because you fill in empty slots doesn’t mean you are good. This dude was terrible on the radio. He rarely made logical sense. If you paid attention you could find himself contradicting his own points all the time…because he would say things just for the outrage of it. He also had that awful tough guy ‘if you disagree with me, it means you love me’ act…(lolwat)???

    Good riddance. Does kind of feel like the station is doomed…

    Ever since I left, it’s over

    1. Completely agree. I dont think I ever agreed with one thing he ever said. Everything about him bothered me.

    2. Wholeheartedly agree. Got to the point where I changed stations whenever I heard his voice. I give the new morning lineup 12 months at most. Farzetta gets too much time on air as it is. What will the morning show do when football season ends? Tara Thomas full time? Guaranteed to fail.

  3. Shander is a loser.

    Who cares about “grinding.” Effort and want to don’t make you the kind of talent that generates ratings. Sports radio is a dirty business and a fairly stupid one, at that. Shander never pushed the needle. He was not the reason the morning show didn’t work, that’s on Gargano. But he did not contribute to its success.

    Shander, being the baby he is, will mope and whine and cry on Twitter in hopes of getting some support RTs and such, but anybody who goes into this terrible business knows the deal.

    The thing about Shander is, to me, he was a phony. I couldn’t tell if he really believed the things he said or if he was saying them just to say them and generate a reaction. It’s the same thing Cataldi does. Cataldi sucks. But he was Grandfathered into this. So.

  4. Sports radio blows but it just got a smidge better

  5. What an entitled idiot. You truly have to be a moron to go on social media to whine, especially in a market with only one other viable competitor in your field. It’s one thing to announce your role is being cut back — cool. But to rip the station THAT STILL EMPLOYS YOU (albeit in a lesser role) and beg for a job from their direct competitor? Who wants to hire someone like that? He could have taken what I’ll call the “Macnow high road” and made a niche for himself., maybe eventually worked his way back to a full-time gig Now? Good luck, pal.

      1. Yeah, never go full-time Morning Show host in Nashville. That would be stupid. .. much like the mouthbreating, soy-boy, MAGA cucks on this site.

  6. Is it true 97.5 made up that 50k giveaway at their Wing Bowl rip-off? I heard that people who were in line weren’t told about it at all. Seems like it would be a cool thing for a station to advertise after the fact. “Hey this is…….and I won 50k thanks to 97.5.” I never heard anything. Not a good sign that after doing that, you start laying off people. Oh well this city only ever needed one sports station.

  7. Considering 975 hired a producer and a guy with no radio experience over him when there were openings.

  8. Y’all just jelly that eytan still has a job! You couldn’t even be his shoe shiner!

  9. Wonder if it’s him hitting the update music early on purpose? If so, that’s actually pretty funny.

  10. I didn’t exactly care for him but I listened to Morning Show since Ant was let go and he did a good job. Cost wise I don’t see how Farzy could do any better. Eye-tan worked well with Bob and the Bro. Now they are going to reshuffle the whole show and suddenly think more listeners will tune in. All the station is doing is pissing people off. I have never seen so much disruption during the football season

  11. Dumb move, very versatile and knowledgeable dude. Bent over backwards for that station for a long time. Like him or not, you dont get rid of good employees.

  12. Eytan was useful in that he filled holes where needed, but he was nothing more than that. Being loud was his biggest attribute, if you want to call it that. No subtlety, no people skills, just a blow hard really. And super-thin skinned. Made everything about himself. Ripping the station you still works for? Not a brilliant, astute move by someone who’s been around awhile. He’s as mature as a sixth grader. And calling himself a scapegoat? The ratings for the show you’ve been involved with for how long have been horrid! You’re part of the problem! Jamie (the bro) is just getting his own recognition and voice ; it needs to be developed. Eytan has had his chance. He’s just not that good at what he does. A weekend warrior at best. Get over this little pity party.

    1. And his only response to critics was to say he had more twitter follows. Anton is such a douche glad he is gone.

  13. 97.5 appears to be a sinking ship. There really isn’t anything positive about the ratings and it is quite clear they are on a cost cutting spree. I am not sure why this guy would air dirty laundry on social media while he is still employed. Something tells me that will change this week as well.

    Looks like we are headed back to a 1 station sports format which is bad news since they will become lazy.

  14. I actually turned off the morning show today because Eytan’s doom and gloom over yesterdays game made me want to kill myself. He’s garbage.

  15. Good riddamce, (((Shander)))!
    Increasing the gentile to chosenite ratio is always a good thing. Smartest move 97.5 has made in years.

  16. I actually enjoyed the show minus bob. And harry? Hope he gets paid and finds a nice home somewhere. Undeserved and maybe I’ll give midday a chance but would never validate beastly (beasly) again

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