Maestro picking up some serious signals intelligence today.

Following our reporting that Marc Farzetta would be joining the station in mornings – news to Anthony Gargano – to replace Gargano, who according to will join Jason Myrtetus in mid-days, more changes are afoot today.

First, Eytan Shander announced a diminished role. Then Harry Mayes was absent from the his normal gig with Jason Myrtetus in mid-days. We have now learned that Mayes has left the station. It is our understanding that he was offered a role on the new morning show and declined and has decided to depart the Fanatic. We are unable to confirm specific details but believe this to be the salient part.

Mayes confirmed our report.

Meanwhile, that report says Farzetta and Tra Thomas will man the morning show. Gargano was offered the option to take the role with Myrtetus, which he accepted after some thought. The other option was likely a buyout.

Much of this went down this very morning. Whatever the case, Mayes is one of (the?) longest tenured hosts at the Fanatic and, for my money, one of the best guys in local sports talk radio. Shocked he’s the odd man out, though it sounds like the decision was partly his.

More soon. OFF WITH HEADS: