RADIO WARS: Harry Mayes Is Out at 97.5

Maestro picking up some serious signals intelligence today.

Following our reporting that Marc Farzetta would be joining the station in mornings – news to Anthony Gargano – to replace Gargano, who according to will join Jason Myrtetus in mid-days, more changes are afoot today.

First, Eytan Shander announced a diminished role. Then Harry Mayes was absent from the his normal gig with Jason Myrtetus in mid-days. We have now learned that Mayes has left the station. It is our understanding that he was offered a role on the new morning show and declined and has decided to depart the Fanatic. We are unable to confirm specific details but believe this to be the salient part.

Mayes confirmed our report.

Meanwhile, that report says Farzetta and Tra Thomas will man the morning show. Gargano was offered the option to take the role with Myrtetus, which he accepted after some thought. The other option was likely a buyout.

Much of this went down this very morning. Whatever the case, Mayes is one of (the?) longest tenured hosts at the Fanatic and, for my money, one of the best guys in local sports talk radio. Shocked he’s the odd man out, though it sounds like the decision was partly his.

More soon. OFF WITH HEADS:


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  1. Mayes turned down a spot on the morning show? I guess he will be on WIP in 3 months,

    Myrtetus and Gargano will be unlistenable.

  2. Eytan has never met a topic he can’t try to spin into a top 5 list and searches for his name on twitter

  3. Mayes is solid
    Never liked him with Jason. Gargano is a straight pink to roll on too mid day’s.

  4. Apparently gargano, tra thomas, and farzetta the new morning show
    Middays who knows that will happen but I’m out on the station

  5. What a mess of a station.

    They literally have no one that knows anything about sports anymore on their show.

  6. Why do these stations insist on having ex-football players as hosts? How is Tra Thomas going to tell me about Phillies, Flyers, or Sixers moves? Is it because they’re cheap? Lazy programming at its finest.

  7. I hate to see Harry go. He was my favorite Fanatic host. If he goes to another station I’ll tune in!

  8. Marc Farzetta was a dud on WIP mornings. I am happy for Tra however, I think he is being set up to fail. 97.5 keeps spinning their heels to keep up with annoying Angelo

    1. Tra is a race baiting loser who will never be set up to do anything beside use his body to psuh against other mens’ bodies for spurts of 5-8 seconds at a time. Unemployed afro started kneeling in SF during chip’s tenure. Chip made him the starter during the kneeling. Tra tried to insinuate that chip was raci$t just to get some notoriety to himself as he transitioned to slobbering on microphones for a living. He is a shmuck and will fail because he has zero talent besides the body he was given is larger than others.

      1. Mayes, the poor man’s Bob Charry, should come to ‘IP to do with weekends with… you guessed it… Bob Charry!

    2. Bruno and Mayes are perfect for mornings. Every show on 97.5 is a carbon copy of Bruno and Mayes, yes, even Suckenelli.

      Well, at least the good news is Eyton gets screwed, he blows

  9. How rob Ellis and cuz suck but get 1000000 opportunities isbeyond stupid. Neither ever do well in rating and many can’t stand them.
    Harry mayes is my fav host at either station and I think 975 made a huge mistake(still think when missenelli contract is done they go country… unless nbc televising the show makes big money.
    If wip is smart reunite tony and Harry in afternoon drive they will destroy missenelli. People loved that show and although ones and Bruno both on afternoons before when wip won I think tony had a lot to do with it.
    Plus I thought Jason and Harry had a damn fun show. I guarantee Jason’s role is less and cuz is lead and fake as can be. Jason can’t be happy.
    Lastly farzetta will fail miserably. Tre shouts when he talks and point blank is not entertaining. I think I’m completely done w 975.. I’ll prob listen to cuz and Jason once to hear the train wreck but I’m done… wip is alreadying winning middays. I think the will win be a way higher margins now.

    This was a bullshit decision!

    1. Yes it was! Harry was the best talent they had! Honest and like hanging out with a friend at the bar.

  10. can’t wait until the fake cuz and Myrtetus come to blows because Jason keeps pushing the envelope with his cus impression

  11. Oh…Harry….sorry bo…Im gonna take that midday show….Youre still my man pots and pans!!! Oh..and one more thing…No more Cuz sound drops…Not funny anymore after this news.

  12. Any chance of a Bruno/Mayes reunion on WIP? They were by far the best pair on Philly sports radio ever.

    1. Hahaha. Do you actually think if that was a successful show it wouldn’t still be on? Radio is about ratings Bro.

  13. I’m going miss harry . Loved his gambling and drinking insights . Hopefully him and Bruno do a weekly podcast together

    1. You hit the nail on the head Lenny Stevens. I loved your Smoke Phone. Last I heard of you, you were cruising Kennsington Ave looking to beat and rob hookers.

  14. Are you looking for brains to discuss sports talk with? Talk to my agent, I need work!

  15. Farzetta is fine in small doses, but can’t carry a show, let a lone a flagship morning show. I love Tra as a player and again is fine in small doses once a week breaking down the birds, but this is show in already DOA. I hated Gargano, but he is a huge name and he still couldn’t bring in the ratings. Jason will leave the midday show within 6 months, no way he can co-exist with Anthony.
    It took a long time, but I became a fan of Harry. The fact that he turned down the morning show leads me to believe he has an offer from 94. Not sure where they’ll fit him in unless they are sacking Decamera or Marks.

    1. Cuz a BIG name ? Where….at childhood friend BOB MARINO’s Bank? Think you’ve been to too many AREA FRANCHISES , Bo.

  16. I liked Harry and Jason together. Sort of the old curmudgeon and the young millennial together. Anthony with Jason doesn’t fit. Two guys who love to talk non-stop.

  17. Hate to say it but Tra and Ike on 94 feel like affirmative action hires. Neither knows much about sports other than football and they can’t talk right. They sound like they are gargling while they are talking. But the young kids like feeling like everyone is represented even if the product sucks.

  18. This station is getting worse. It was a Great station with Vai an Gonso, Bruno an Mayes, John an Sean, Mike missanelli. I had to go to the other station. This one stinks!

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