Which Local Sports Talk Radio Host Sent Me This Unsolicited Text Message Over a Post I Didn’t Write?

Best part? I didn’t write this article. I was too busy sampling fine wines and cheeses, bro.

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26 Responses

    1. What today’s Thursday? what does it matter anyway, just another day Lou Curto cries a river about his life. Hey bo, go get a dog.

  1. I’m thinking 💭 was Eytan . That guy needs drama to operate .

    These radio talk Ming heads should live life like the Cuz . Cuz is all about drinking and sports . Always getting his dick sucked too

  2. Its 100% Mike Miss. “Villanova elitist”? Thats rich from a guy who peddles Mercedes Benz promos, self mowing mowers, and basically anything possible to let you know he has alot of money. This city will be a lot better when that douche finally retires or gets canned.

  3. What were they upset about? The ‘You don’t need to talk about the Eagles 99.999% of the time’ comment?

    Anyway, Mikey Miss’s show is a trainwreck right now. I still like his insight and thoughts, since he deals in reality and is pretty accurate about shooting down nonsense callers .

    But Her Wokeness Natalie and Mr. Woke Tyrone are a bit too much to take. Tyrone is basically a 25% co-host, not a producer. They actually make Mikey Miss sound like the Rush Limbaugh of Philly sports.

    They’ve turned the Mikey Miss show in to a version of Sportscenter “The Six”.

    1. Gotta have Tyrone there due to the quota. Natalie is great to look at but her updates are one complete run on sentence with zero inflection

  4. I was going to say Natalie Eganoff but she isn’t a host and there weren’t any mistakes so it couldn’t be her.

  5. I’m going with Mikey Miss (who is bothering a friend of mine on Match because she is not responding to his advances……..and he lists himself four years younger than he is) or Fat Fake South Jersey Cuz and his lifelong pal, Bob Marino!!!!

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