Gritty Continues to Inspire Local Breweries

via Instagram (Brewery ARS)

Gritty is the fuckin’ man!

Back in September we wrote about Broken Goblet doing a cream ale inspired by the Flyers’ mascot.

Now Brewery ARS down on Passyunk Avenue is getting in on the action, and look how tasty this jawn sounds:

CAN RELEASE 11/8 🍩☕ Brewed with way too many @federaldonuts cinnamon brown sugar and cookies & cream 🍩and @rivalbroscoffee Revolver & Ethiopian ☕, and then finished off with a touch of lactose. THIS IS WHAT NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF. 7.5% ABV. $17 / 4-pack

A Federal Donuts and coffee beer with Gritty on the packaging? Sign me up! Definitely better than whatever shitty IPA is popular right now.

More after the jump:

See ya on Passyunk in a few days.


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  1. Kevin, you rube. Shitty ipa? Have you ever had Julius by TreeHouse? Or Pipe Dream by Funk? Grow up Kincaide.

  2. My league sources are telling me that there is a very real chance Jason Garret will be fired today.

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