The Eagles are on their way back to the postseason and their temporary friends – the Chicago Bears –  will become their foes next Sunday. If you needed something to get you through your day, look no further than Doug Pederson and Malcolm Jenkins.

Malcolm Jenkins came with the fire:

Like we said before the game, we ain’t sneaking in. We kicked the motherf***ing door down. We in this party. Nobody wanted us in. But guess what? They gotta deal with us now. Keep your mind right, man. Keep playing as a family. Keep fighting, keep having fun. “Family” on three. 1-2-3 Family!

Doug was no slouch.

Video after the jump:

First of all, congratulations. You’re in the postseason! We talked about playing 60 minutes, you played 60 minutes: offense, defense, and special teams. Great team effort. Defense, you got the shutout tonight, first one of the year, that’s a nice job. Congratulations! Offense, offensive line, we say it every week, we gotta dominate up front. You guys did that again…

I’m so proud of you guys, coaches and players. We set out on a journey this season. We had some goals, we didn’t meet some of them, but one of them was, “Always get in the tournament”. Always get in and let’s see what happens, okay? This team, we are not done… YET!

That’s right.