He’s heading west to take the sports director job at CBS Sacramento:

This is the lead sports anchor gig in a relatively large market. Nielsen ranks the Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto DMA #20 in the country, sandwiched between Cleveland and Saint Louis. Don Bell, who is close with Harris and records the “Zero Fs Given” podcast with him, is the CBS 3 Sports Director.

Harris, you’ll recall, was let go by NBC Sports Philadelphia in March as part of a larger and somewhat head-scratching shuffle. He was on the younger side of the Philly broadcasting talent spectrum and was seen as a flexible guy who could cover a variety of sports and roles.. His departure coincided with a larger rejiggering that also included NBCSP moving on from Molly Sullivan, Dei Lynam, Jess Camerato, Neil Hartmann, Ron Burke, Tim Panaccio, and something like ten other people over the course of 24 months.

Marshall’s name came up frequently in the story we wrote earlier this year, described by former and current employees as being at the forefront of idea sharing and enthusiasm in station-wide meetings.

Here are a few related blurbs from the story, “Discord and Unrest: Current and Former Employees Describe Life at NBC Sports Philly,” after the jump:

Marshall Harris, who recently left the station when his contract was not renewed, was another person who was portrayed as “vocal” in meetings and “challenged the status quo.” (VP of Content Michelle) Murray, according to Person 3, was “clinically insecure and threatened by good, smart, productive ideas.”

Harris and Camerato were mentioned just as frequently as (former web guy Andy) Schwartz in our talks with current and former employees.

The gripe, specifically, was that it seemed like both were doing what management wanted, which was taking on a variety of roles, being active on social media, and showing a flexible and more wide-ranging skill set as the station “streamlined” its product.

“Here was somebody who was trying all of these different platforms,” said Person 1 of Harris. “And whether what he was doing was working or not, it wasn’t always his fault. And that was – literally –  the directive is that we are supposed to be one room, one team, try all of these fucking new things.”

Marshall had been doing the occasional shift at 94 WIP after leaving NBC Sports Philadelphia. He now leaves scenic South Philadelphia for slightly-more-scenic Northern California.