Report: Jori Lehtera to be Prosecuted in Drug Ring Investigation

Photo Credit: Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You may recall the story from a while back connecting Flyers center Jori Lehtera to a Finnish cocaine investigation.

We’ve got an update today via Finland’s “MTV” site, which I don’t think is the same as our MTV. At least I don’t see any Kardashians or Jenners on the main page. And since my Finnish is a little rusty, here’s the headline according to Google translate:

“NHL ice hockey player Jori Lehter, a drug smear in big cocaine shaved”


Here are some of the relevant bits of info in the story body:

The NHL Society Philadelphia Flyers, the Finnish attacker, Jori Lehter, is in court to prosecute a drug offense. The prosecution’s case is linked to a large cocaine defeat.

MTV According to the latest information, prosecutor Antti Virtanen has filed a lawsuit against Pirkanmaa District Court on Monday. Lecturer is one of the 22 accusations.


30-year-old Lehter is suspected of being tricked into a huge drug squad. The Finnish police suspect that cocaine has been distributed to the Tampere region since the beginning of 2017.

According to MTV’s information, the police conducted an investigation in connection with the investigation in connection with the investigation into Lehterä’s cottage properties located in Tampere.

At that time, Lehter was not among those detained, but the police questioned him on suspicion of a drug offense. Lehter has denied his guilt.

The first date of cocaine in the district court is Monday, the last day of the year. Seven sessions are reserved for the course.

Interesting stuff, both the story and the translation.

Here’s some better translating via a guy on Twitter named Janne Virtanen, who is of no relation to the prosecutor.

After the jump:

I don’t know how the Finnish justice system works, but let’s just assume he’s innocent until proven guilty. Crossing Broad will have a correspondent at the “Pirkanmaa District Court” to cover the proceedings.

What I can tell you is that Finland has produced some wonderful heavy metal music over the years:



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10 Responses

  1. “The Flyers management team is doing all it can to bring this organization down to the lowest possible level. We have now covered drugs, bad firings, terrible contracts, botched goalies, and low attendance. Soon we will have a twitter scandal and Metoo movement issue, fans stay tuned”

    “Welcome to Comcast Country”

  2. Morning news /YLE, Finland: The prosecutor requires Lehtera five months in prison for a drug offense.
    He has illegally acquired and held eight grams of cocaine and also tried to buy another gram of cocaine in May.

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