Bryce Harper watch.

It feels like this has been going on for something like a year now. Maybe we’ll get some real news this week as MLB’s winter meetings progress.

For now, it seems as though the Yankees are not part of the Harper sweepstakes and are instead focused on Manny Machado. General Manager Brian Cashman said as much when asked about it on Monday.


“No time at all all winter have I said I’m looking for an outfielder,” Cashman said. “The Harper stuff … I’m surprised you’re still asking.”

When he was first asked about Harper during a session with Yankees beat reporters on the first full day of this year’s winter meetings, Cashman rattled off the names of his six current outfielders (Aaron HicksAaron JudgeGiancarlo StantonBrett GardnerJacoby Ellsbury and Clint Frazier) as reasons he isn’t looking for a seventh.

Would the Yankees sign Harper — who could command a total deal worth $300 million or more — and get him to exchange his outfielder’s glove for a first-baseman’s mitt?

“I’m sure it’s potentially a possibility, but it’s not something that we would play on at that level with that type of money, to play somebody like that at first base,” Cashman said.

Yesterday Gabe Kapler raved about Harper and didn’t seem to have much to say about Manny Machado in comparison. Bob wrote about that.

A few more rumors and notes floating around out there, after the jump:

I need something more on this.

I need something on the Harper and Machado front.

Something concrete.