So earlier today we wrote a story called “The Saints Targeted Fletcher Cox on their Fake Punt.” It was a short post, just a couple of sentences and an NFL Turning Point video clip shared by Warren Sharp on Twitter.

In the clip, it’s explained that the Saints felt like they could run at Cox in a fake punt situation because they saw film of him playing passively during similar sequences in the wild card game against Chicago. You can see Fletcher ease up and not really push into the offensive linemen as the punter goes about his business.

That video is making the rounds, and I guess some people are suggesting that Cox was taking plays off or not giving 100%, which resulted in this response a short time ago:

Like I wrote in the earlier post, the Saints triple-teamed Cox on the play, moving him backwards with three blockers and then pushing Taysom Hill into those dudes. Cox was indeed injured and had to come out of the game for some time. When he did return, he immediately drew a penalty flag on the Saints offensive line, which made me laugh out loud at the time. That’s how good he is.

So I don’t think anybody doubts Cox’s commitment. Not anybody who knows what they’re talking about. He’s easily the best player on the defense and maybe the team. Still, New Orleans identified something on the film and made it work, so I guess it is what it is.