More Manny Machado Hot Stove Nonsense

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I’m with Bob.

Baseball free agency is wearing me out. This Manny Machado and Bryce Harper stuff is blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda.

But I’m gonna share the latest anyway, because I don’t think we’ve seen a ton of stuff from Buster Olney this winter. It’s been a lot of Jon Heyman and Bob Nightengale spit-balling. The stove isn’t even that hot, it’s more like the burners have been set somewhere between “simmer” and “low.”


After the jump, there’s some Phillies relevance in the accompanying ESPN article:

Machado remains in conversations with the Phillies, sources tell ESPN, but he does not appear to have a high volume of suitors. The Phillies also are negotiating with Bryce Harper, and if Philadelphia decides to make a deal with just one of the two young superstars, then the player who doesn’t land with Philadelphia would need another big-money landing spot elsewhere.

Harper appears to have a safety net in the Washington Nationals, who offered him a contract at the end of the regular season. Harper’s agent, Scott Boras, has worked out a lot of deals with the Nationals for his clients, from Jayson Werth to Max Scherzer.

In Machado’s case, it’s not as clear where he could go if he doesn’t sign with the Phillies, other than the White Sox. The Yankees and Machado’s camp were so far apart in their conceptual conversations that the Yankees didn’t extend an offer.

Let’s hope it’s Harper and not Machado. Philly does not want Manny Machado, according to Angelo Cataldi. 


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9 Responses

  1. Love it when spring training is getting close and The Cuz talks about how jacked up he gets when he sees the trucks being loaded up to head down to Clearwater. Great radio, the guy just gets it

    1. I agree cuz does a great job with that . Only wish 97.5 wasn’t so cheap on would send him to Clearwater

    1. Someone needs to take away the phones of Heyman and Nightengale. The amount of shit these two have thrown at the wall these last few weeks is absurd.

      After their SMH of a statement of spending stupid money, the Phillies have played this very well. The forecast of these so-called “experts” back in early December was that both Machado/Harper would end up with contacts in upwards of 10 years at $350-375 million. Meanwhile, the latest offer from the CWS to Machado is only 7/$175 million. Patience is most certainly a virtue and maybe exhibiting such lands them both Harper and Machado.

  2. Can we get over the “doesn’t hustle like us philly tough guy” bullshit. Do you realize Harper has been injured for almost half the games he’s been eligible to play? No one ever mentions that. That’s what “hustle” gets you – injured or playing injured and batting .200.

  3. Kink my cousin is neighbors with Machado in Fla and he saw the family wearing Phillies shirts today. Where I can send you the pic?

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