On 94 WIP, Joe Santoliquito Says He’s “The Best Thing Carson Wentz Has Ever Had Going For Him”

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the Philly Voice story published Monday, penned by Joe Santoliquito, titled “Exclusive: Sources inside Eagles paint Carson Wentz as ‘selfish,’ ‘uncompromising’ and ‘playing favorites'”.

We reacted to this story ad nauseum yesterday and shared the reactions of Eagles players who came to Carson’s defense in disputing the claims made by anonymous sources.

Later in the day, Santoliquito went on the WIP afternoon show with Jon Marks and Rob Ellis to talk about his report. This morning, he was back on WIP, this time live in the studio with my favorite Philadelphia radio host, Angelo Cataldi.

There’s a lot to parse, and it’s sort of a free-flowing conversation, so I’ll just jot down a few notes:

  • Joe started by repeating what he said Monday, which was that the story began with an “innocuous question” about Mike Groh and whether the offensive coordinator was responsible for the struggles in that phase of the game.
  • He said he’s received death threats: “So far death threats three, offers to commit suicide one. Yeah, one with my address attached to it.”

This line sounds a bit ridiculous, if we’re being honest:

“The other thing too is, guess what? I’m the best thing Carson Wentz has ever had going for him. You don’t think this is gonna piss him off even more? You don’t think this is gonna motivate him even more, to stick this up someone’s little tail and just say, ‘Hey listen pal, you’re wrong. Everybody else that believes what you said you wrote was wrong.’ I can see it now. I can see Jason Kelce in his mummer’s outfit calling me out like he called out Lombardi last year. If the Eagles turn around and have a 14-2 season, make a run, who knows? Who knows that this very – well I’m not going to say very negative – situation that has been brought to light, they can’t turn into a positive. And I feel very strongly about that.”

More notes, after the jump:

  • Joe got into more detail about the Groh stuff, alleging that Wentz was held more in check when Frank Reich and John DeFilippo
  • Al Morganti seemed annoyed by the whole thing and challenged him on multiple things in the story.

There was also a response from Santoliquito to his confirmation, via a Marcus Hayes Inquirer response, that he did not tell the Eagles about the story until 40 minutes before it was published:

“I’ll say this, in putting this together, the mistake that I’ll admit is not giving the Eagles ample notice. Now, I called them 8:20 a.m. on Monday and the story came out at nine…. But I will say this and you saw this, his agent was contacted. The office was contacted two weeks ago, never got a reply. Finally at ten o’clock last night, and you saw the text, that the individual got back to me.”

Coggin was really annoyed by this. Typically you give the team time to respond to something, to put together a formal response and allow them to share their side of the story, if there’s a side at all. Obviously you’re not going to get much beyond something like this: “we dispute the claims made in the story, Carson is a good guy, blah blah blah.” But the point is that you’re being fair and attempting to get both sides involved, to go through the standard operating procedure and get the club PR staff involved and allow Carson to say his piece.

Angelo also had Dave Spadaro on to share his reaction, which is pointless. Spadaro is a team employee. What the fuck do you expect him to say? That he enjoyed the article? Please. Stop putting Spadaro on radio and TV and asking him for his opinion, because he can only take one side. That’s the nature of his job.

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff in here, but if I’m Joe, I’d just double down and back the article I wrote. It sounds like he’s stretching a bit to defend himself. If you believe in your reporting, you shouldn’t have to do a pair of WIP appearances and talk to a competing news outlet to justify your work.

All of the audio is below. Knock yourself out:



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  1. “I mean, it’s like, man, ya know…c’mon”. (then gasps for air)

    1. He is truly worthless on that show! Absolutely worthless, but Angelo goes to him all the time on subjects. Not a fan of Rhea either, but at least she can add a bit more to a discussion than random fragments, his laugh that sounds like he’s been a decades long smoker, and Red Sox/Pats fandom!

      1. Al is far from worthless. Many times he’s been the one to inject logic into every big discussion.

  2. Any more pics of that fat dancer kid from the sixers? I’ll pay top dollar for nudes.

  3. I mean, it’s pretty clearly all true but obviously nobody’s going to go on the record to confirm it. But let’s hope that Carson takes a hard look at himself and can accept some changes going forward. He’s our guy and he’s better than Foles. No doubt. Just got to be healthy and get his head straight.

  4. So the kid looks for Ertz when under pressure. And Foles looks for Jeffrey. Who gives a shit. He is a good and maybe one day great QB.

  5. I’d keep the clutch beloved player why the biggest c0ck in the nfl over the difficult pimple neck freak

    1. Amen, idiot Eagles fans waited their entire lives for a clutch Super Bowl winning QB and when they get him, they want to run him out of town because the other guy has “measurables”

  6. Notice how Carson wants to do a choreographed TD celebration after every single TD… He’s a primadonna that this fan base is going to destroy harder than they did McNabb before its all said and done.

    1. Big difference between McNabb and Wentz that in this town will never allow that to happen.

      No white QB will ever face the scrutiny McNabb and, before him, Cunningham faced in Philadelphia. Bet on it.

        1. McNabb was handled like a child? How so?

          They never put any pieces around him with the exception of 2004 when he was arguably the best QB in football.

          The media scrutinized and crucified him constantly. The sports talk radio station in town how an open vendetta against him from literally day one. They drafted his “replacement” a mere six seasons into his career after a Super Bowl appearance. A portion of the white fan base hated him because he was black; a portion of the black fanbase hated him because he was an “Uncle Tom” supposedly.

          Neither Wentz, nor Jaworski had to deal with any of that shit.

          A handful of guys on his team called out Wentz for basically things everyone can see with their own eyes and his circle of friends on the team, the brass and the media circle the wagons around the precious, precious little man and protect him from any valid criticism because his feelings may be hurt.

          So, go dig your Kevin Kolb and Jeff Garcia jerseys out of the bottom of your closet and take a hike.

          End of story.

          1. McNabb was treated like a child. Rarely even booed.

            Agreed – he had few weapons. Everyone railed on Andy for that, Don got a pass.

            Yes – they drafted a replacement. Every team does.

            Race? Weak argument. He was treated like a child and he acted like one.

            He made excuses for everything.

            Just because people point out obvious flaws doesn’t make them racist.

            He was babies from day 1 when he whined at the draft.

            He had it easy here for being such a choker.

            End of story.

          2. you mean arguably the best qb until he threw up in the super bowl. McNabb was good, and having Andy as his coach made him better. If he doesn’t have a really good coach, he is average at best, unless he is playing with midgits. I think your memory is off regarding him being scrutinized, he wasn’t. He took heat for throwing at guys ankles consistently but as you said, it was something everyone could see.

          3. I admire how confidently you speak about things you know nothing about. Who was this replacement you’re speaking of? Kevin Kolb? Yeah, he was drafted in 2007, McNabb was a 9 year vet by that point.

  7. I agree that my media appearances are worthless. Especially when my sole concern is the thickness of ropes. I’m not in the locker room to determine who likes Carson, if you get my drift.

  8. All of Philly talk radio right now.

    Wentz camp “you’re stupid”
    Foles camp “you’re stupid”

  9. Wait until next year when Ginger Jesus gets hurt AGAIN and you’re left with Nate fucking Sudfeld…..

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