It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re watching a very non-Philadelphia sports thing in progress: the Eagles are actually beating a bad team AND the Minnesota Vikings – a team you needed to see lose so you could continue arguing the virtues of Nick Foles v. Carson Wentz for another week – were choking away a winnable game at home against a somewhat depleted Chicago Bears team. At the risk of getting ahead of yourself, the thought flashed through your mind: “I wonder what the Eagles’ odds of winning the Super Bowl will look like after tonight.”

If you had a sense of foreboding that you’d get poor value for your wager, fear not: the oddsmakers have listed the Eagles as… UNDERDOGS. In fact, DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and BetStars have all installed the Eagles as the least-likely team to prevail in Super Bowl LIII. Let’s take a look at those three sportsbooks and what it means for your bottom line:


Woof. The Eagles (+2500) and Seahawks (+2800) are 25 to 1 and 28 to 1 respectively to win the Super Bowl. This is the only sportsbook of the three that doesn’t have the Eagles in dead-last, but it’s not by all that much. Could it be worth a small flier for $10 with a chance to win $250 plus that initial $10 investment? You decide.




Holy Schnikes! FanDuel has the Eagles (+3400) opening at 34 to 1 to win the big game. It’s interesting to note that while the first seven teams are placed in identical positions, FanDuel swapped Dallas and Houston, as well as Seattle and Indianapolis. The Eagles, in this case, remain in twelfth place out of twelve. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit more confidence to throw a little money at this bet? Does the prospect of winning $680 plus your $20 wager worth it? Again, you decide.




Hello darkness, my old friend. The Eagles (+3500) are found in last again (at 35 to 1). Very interesting to see Dallas, Indianapolis, and Houston tied at 25 to 1. BetStars, like DraftKings, has Seattle (+2800) listed with the same odds, but look at our Birds: dead last again.


Not like it’s a drastic disparity between FanDuel and BetStars, but if you truly believe in Nick Foles’ ability to lead the Eagles to back-to-back Super Bowl wins, you’ll get your best value at BetStars. A $100 wager will win you $3,500 plus your initial $100. Perhaps more concerning is all three sports books setting the Eagles’ Wild Card Round opponent at 10 to 1 to win the whole thing. While I respect Chicago’s defense, Mitchell Trubisky leading a championship run seems outlandish to me. As always, if you’re going to put any money down, do so responsibly.