The List of Eagles Defending Carson Wentz Continues to Grow

Here’s the running count of Birds and ex-Birds who have responded to the Philly Voice story, in chronological order:

  1. Fletcher Cox (10:13 a.m. Monday)
  2. Brandon Brooks (10:19 a.m. Monday)
  3. Lane Johnson (10:55 a.m. Monday)
  4. Zach Ertz (10:47 a.m. Monday)
  5. Torrey Smith (11:21 a.m. Monday)
  6. Nate Sudfeld (11:52 a.m. Monday)
  7. Jason Kelce (sometime in the afternoon, via Morning Call reporter Nick Fierro)
  8. Kamu Grugier-Hill (5:02 p.m. Monday)
  9. Stefen Wisniewski (5:21 p.m. Monday)
  10. Malcolm Jenkins (10:12 p.m. Monday)
  11. Avonte Maddox (10:33 p.m. Monday)
  12. Chris Long (10:39 p.m. Monday)
  13. Wendell Smallwood (sometime in the evening via Instagram)

That looks like the full list so far, unless I missed somebody.

There are some pseudo-conspiracy theorist type of folks on social media, wondering when or if Alshon Jeffery will say something. That’s a result of the belief that he’s Josina Anderson’s source, the guy who earlier this year spoke anonymously about offensive chemistry issues and Carson Wentz’s penchant for targeting Zach Ertz. Based on prior on-record interactions with Anderson, some people theorized that he was unhappy with the way Wentz was running the offense and voiced his frustration via her.

This was the clip in question:

I wrote that up in a post titled “Josina Anderson’s Source,” with a necessary h/t to Brandon Lee Gowton at BGN. I don’t know if he’s her source or not, but it’s interesting to look at the puzzle pieces. Obviously now people are expecting Jeffery to defend Wentz from the Philly Voice story as PROOF that he supports the quarterback and was not the anonymous complainer.

Right, so here are some of the newer tweets and social media posts, stuff we didn’t share yesterday, after the jump:

I’d expect we get more responses today.


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  1. This is hilarious and exactly what the Eagles deserve.

    Why was Wentz in the Super Bowl team picture when he wasn’t on the active roster for the playoffs? Why was he front and center when traditionally the team is lined up for the photo in numerical order?

    Because the Eagles brass and coaching staff kiss his ass constantly. Maybe it’s why his record against good teams is so lousy. When things get tough, Mr. Coddled falls apart.

    Shocking his boyfriend, Ertz, was one of the first to rush to his defense.

    1. yeah you’re right…wentz had nothing to do with the eagles getting to the super bowl.
      getting the home field advantage was done by some other invisible QB.
      crawl back under the wood work…….fn moron.

      1. He played five teams with zero wins at the time the Eagles met them. He beat one good team, Carolina. Nate Sudfeld could’ve beaten the other.

      1. They couldn’t have Wentz without the others.

        Why was he at the center of the photo when it was supposed to be numerical order?

        1. Lol. Changing your story.

          I thought only active players were supposed to be in the picture.

          Are you seriously so desperate to spew your agenda that you are talking about a team picture and who is standing where?

          We get it. You are trying to troll. Somehow you are failing.

          Go back to saying how bad Donovan had it. Your racism agenda is gold.

          reminds me of the Simp.

  2. Noticeably missing are Alshon and Agolar.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with somebody stating what we can all see as the truth. Hopefully Carson takes heed of this and makes some changes going forward.

  3. W-a-a-a-y more interesting to be having this discussion than what we were discussing about the Eagles this time last year. Who needs a boring Super Bowl appearance?

    1. This is hilarious and exactly what the Saints deserve.

      Why was Brees in the Super Bowl team picture when she wasn’t on the active roster for the playoffs? Why was she front and center when traditionally the team is lined up for the photo in wang size order?

      Because the Saints brass and coaching staff lick his loafers constantly. Maybe it’s why his record against good teams is so good. When things get tough, Mr. softee rises to the occassion.

      Shocking his boyfriend, Ertz, was one of the first to rush to his defense.

  4. Never a dull
    Moment with the eagles. Wouldn’t shock me if Hollywood lurie planted this story

  5. Chris Long is kind of a dick, like the kind you meet growing up in Northeast Philly. I actually don’t hate it.

  6. Does anyone care about Chris Long? Did the social justice warrior tally 10 combined sacks in his 2 years here? Cool tattoos bro, total cuckold

  7. I’ll agree wentz is selfish.
    The nerve of that guy to sit out games when his spine is broken in half is just wrong.
    And only using ‘Kingdom Crumb’ to server food to fans of the other team, well….
    what can you say about that. Plus he threw rocks at my house and put a lit
    paper bag filled with dogsh**t on my front steps on mishcivious night
    and keyed my ferrari.
    THis guy is definetly selfish.

      1. Awww……..sorry your so butthurt fella.

        Cheer up snowflake, Oprah can run against Trump in 2020 and then you can anonymously complain
        about that also. Until then you can keep on supporting the cowboys and hope that Zeke beats some more women.

  8. I think that we’re all over-reacting no the whole Shawnie Hill situation. Not sure why we’re expecting him to have the gravitas of a Supreme Court justice.

  9. All of this doesn’t really matter anyway.
    The cowboys are going to take it down in 2019.

  10. Why wasn’t Todd Pinkston in the picture?
    He caught at least 30 balls in the playoffs.

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