The Sixers Dance-Off Kids Were on FOX News

By now you’ve gotta be familiar with 10-year-old Dominic Prybella and 9-year-old Anthony Stuard.

They’re the kids who are regularly featured on the jumbotron at Sixers games, and they went from local jawn to national sensation this week when one of their dance battles ended up going viral.

They appeared on Channel 6 and apparently made it up to New York to appear on Fox News as well.

I know nothing about this clip and need more background:

I need to know more about this. I’m scouring the internet for more video.


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  1. He is the future dancing fat guy at Sixers game. The guy behind the basket has a very short life expectancy.

  2. What’s Jillian Mele’s deal? Heard she was too bougie to hook up with real Philly guys.

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