We Have a Free Seat For The DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship To Give To You

draftkings sports betting national championship

Thanks to our partners at DraftKings, we’re excited to announce that Crossing Broad readers have a shot to become a champion. A sports betting champion, that is.

We are giving one of our readers a FREE seat at the table during the first-ever DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship held on January 11-13 in Jersey City, NJ.

Here’s how it works. Just register for the daily fantasy qualifier that goes down during Wild Card Weekend. The winner of that contest gets a seat ($10,000 value) at the DraftKings Sportsbook championship table the following weekend with an opportunity to win the $1,000,000 top prize.

draftkings sports betting champioship payout

Best of all? The qualifier is totally free to play and, if you win, your bankroll at the Sports Betting National Championship will be 100% covered.

The qualifier rules are simple. Select one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one team defense/special teams, and one flex player while keeping your team under the $50,000 salary cap.

The winner will be moments away from New York City with a shot to place bets on any sport and watch the games all day long in DraftKings’ New Jersey VIP Sportsbook venue.

The event is open to anyone, including Pennsylvania residents. You don’t need to be in New Jersey because the qualifier is a daily fantasy contest. The winner will have to be in New Jersey next weekend to place bets in the Sports Betting National Championship.

Here’s how the championship will unfold.

You’ll be given a $5,000 bankroll to play with under the following conditions.

On Friday and Saturday, bet on any sport you want. Sunday betting is only allowed on the two NFL Divisional Playoff Games.

Players must place a total of $1,000 in bets by the close of betting on Saturday night and $2,000 across Sunday’s NFL games to be eligible to win leaderboard prizes.

Players with the highest bankrolls at the end of the tournament will share the leaderboard prizes.

All players take home their final bankroll at the end of the tournament.

Only 1 entry allowed per player.

Register below for your opportunity to get in on a piece of $2,500,000 in guaranteed prizes.

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