Lenny Dykstra’s Felony Charges Were Dismissed

Remember a few months back, when Lenny Dykstra was indicted by a grand jury on charges of cocaine and meth possession, plus making terroristic threats? He was accused of pulling a gun and threatening to kill an Uber driver.

Those felony charges were dismissed today and Nails instead pleaded guilty to a petty offense.

From USA Today:

Former Major League Baseball player Lenny Dykstra has pleaded guilty to a petty disorderly persons offense in connection with an argument with an Uber driver after a judge granted a motion to suppress evidence related to drugs allegedly found in Dykstra’s bags.

Dykstra also was sentenced to $125 in fines and ordered to have no contact with the Uber driver, either directly or indirectly, such as through social media.

“The fact that the charges are dropped is something that I’m very happy with,” Dykstra said after the court proceeding.


“We’re pleased, all felony charges dismissed,” Dykstra’s attorney David Bahuriak said. “It’s a great outcome.”

More on the Superior Court judge’s motion, after the jump:

In granting the motion to suppress the evidence, (Union County Superior Court Judge Lisa Miralles Walsh) said the drugs were found in bags and suitcases in the vehicle’s back seat and trunk. Dykstra had been removed from the vehicle by police and as such the bags did not pose a jeopardy to safety. She ruled the search of the bags was not justified and added the additional property is not subject to an inventory search.

Makes sense to me. She’s saying the cops didn’t have the right to search the bags since that didn’t have anything to do with the argument between Dykstra and the Uber driver.

So Lenny skates here, just a $125 fine, but he has to get his shit together. He’s got a separate legal issue that remains outstanding, that situation involving the illegal boarding he was allegedly running out of his Linden, NJ home. 

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12 Responses

  1. You know nails is getting fucked up this st patty’s day weekend

  2. They say people would slide into the bases and be absolutely covered in Dip Spit from Nails.

    Competitive advantage he called it.


  3. Kyle, why would you include an RSVP feature on that post, you do realize 95% of the people responding aren’t going right?

  4. Bryce go hits hard in the ankle last inning and went down in a heap. Toronto radio announced said it was a “sickening” sound. He walked off, but its worth looking into.

    1. why aren’t there 15 separate posts about this yet?

      oh yeah because kinkee is a scrub. see ya copy paste on Monday

  5. The “Maggio” character played by Sinatra keeps getting in trouble. The stockade guard “Fatso” Judson tells “Maggio” sooner or later you’ll screw up again and “Fatso” will be waiting for him. Lenny will be seeing “Fatso” one of days. In other words he got lucky this time.

  6. anybody hear my racist rant last night? man I really kept it together.
    I’m a big supporter of black people, and by the way we’re talking about Michael freakin Jackson…
    boy I’m glad I didn’t finish that thought.
    I did scream pedophile a couple times, so that was cool.

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