“Sounds Like You Don’t Know ****,” Says Chris Long

Photo credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Field Yates reported that the Eagles had reworked the contracts of Nigel Bradham and Chris Long to save a bit of cap space.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Long is returning for a third season, according to him. I shared those tweets in the morning post. 

It didn’t keep fans from speculating about his future, which resulted in Long jumping in and offering a few more replies, giving us what I found to be this comical exchange, after the jump:

“Sounds like you don’t know shit, Mike”

Pretty good there.

The real takeaway is Long’s comment about money moved not relating to money being earned. Howie Roseman can manipulate the cap all he wants, and while some guys are on board with team-friendly restructures and whatnot, I guess it doesn’t mean it’s a 100% fail proof practice.

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12 Responses

  1. Good lord this social justice pussy needs to silence himself, choke on his white guilt, get some more tattoo’s and retire

  2. I can confirm The A t h l e t i c is shutting down. Sources point to the wild success of Crossing Broad as the primary reason.

    Further, WIP and the Fanatic have been hit hard by the rapid rise of Crossing Broadcast and the sponsors it has poached. The parent companies for both stations are seeking buyers and looking to cut costs.

  3. Eagles looking at a nice 7-9 record with five wins coming against the NFC East.

    Still 7-9 may win the division. And the Chosen One, the greatest Quarterback in Eagles history may finally play in his first playoff game…four years into his career.

  4. Had to go to a real news site to get the analysis and background, but they said Chris doesn’t want to play unless he’s a starter. Given Barnett, BG and whoever we draft, sounds like its see you later, Long. Thanks for the championship.

  5. Why on earth would anyone give a shit about what that douchebag “EROCK” thinks or says.

    He’s a fake-ass, soft-ass bitch.

    And a shitty dj.

    1. I hate that dude. He also stole his name from a loser Opie and Anthony producer.

  6. Yo guys how you doing? Yea I am just here to feel important. My life is miserable and I have nothing else to do but call all the radio stations.

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