You might have heard that Mike Trout is from Millville, New Jersey. He’s been known to go hunting with Carson Wentz and Zac Ertz. Bryce Harper notably went Trout fishing during his introductory press conference. As if signing noted “Philly guy” Mike Trout to an absolutely bonkers 12-year, $430 million deal wasn’t enough, the Angels chose to rub salt in the Delaware Valley’s wounds:

Frauds. Phonies. They think they’re cute. They think this is a game. They think this is funny. You know what’s funny? Paying the animated corpse of Albert Pujols. You know what’s even better? Two years from now, when Trout raises a stink that he wants out after the Angels once again fail to surround him with talent. But it’s cool. Laugh now, “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim”… wait. You still have TWO towns in your name? What’s wrong with you? I hope the media enjoys their cheesesteaks. I bet there are more people in the press box than in the stands. If you think it’s bad now, just wait.

Let them eat steak.