Scott Kingery Replaces Cesar Hernandez in Phillies Lineup

Scott Kingery beating the tag in Washington
Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Gabe Kapler last night suggested this might be “under consideration.”

Sure enough, here ya go:

This is only the second time this season Kapler has changed the Phils’ lineup. He gave Andrew Knapp the nod over J.T. Realmuto on Saturday. Tonight he drops the struggling Hernandez for Kingery.

Vince Velasquez vs. Anibal Sanchez in a few hours. The Phillies scored four runs on Sanchez in four innings last week, but went on to lose 9-8 after blowing an 8-6 lead.

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12 Responses

  1. Scott, Kyle K. Korver will be rooting against you.
    Your White Privilege is the only reason you are starting.
    His self hatred is apparent.

  2. Guy in front of me at a red light was picking his nose, digging deep, pulled out a winner, held it up to examine it, switched it to his left hand outside his window rolled it into a ball, and when the light changed flicked it off the car next to him. Impressive, a true pro.

    1. (I tried this racist joke on the last post, but Kevin deleted it)

  3. I’ll be watching the Phils with a new bitch I found this weekend. Big tits, long brown hair, flat stomach and so feminine. I love the ladies!!

    1. You just described Kinker wearing a wig.
      you really are kind of creepy aren’t you……..

  4. I can’t wait until Scott takes over as the flyers goal tender.
    After setting the MLB record for consecutive shutsouts at 9, he should
    be a great addition to the team.
    – Kate

    1. above comment is the fraud Kate account. Sign. Be original for once in your life.


  5. Taking the over, 9.5. Everybody hits….especially off VV.

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