Report: “No Limitations” for Carson Wentz in OTAs

Photo credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

A report from Ian Rapoport:

Big, if true.

I’m willing to bet that Doug Pederson will be asked about this tomorrow when OTAs begin.

The last time he was asked about Wentz, we got this exchange, after the jump:

Dave Zangaro: When OTAs start in less than two weeks, will (Carson Wentz) be on the field?

Pederson: How does that pertain to rookie minicamp?

Zangaro: It’s all about Carson from (inaudible)

Pederson: No, it’s all about the rookies that are in this weekend.

Zangaro: So you won’t say if he’s going to be on the field?

Pederson: Not right now, not until we get to that point. He’s on the field right now in phase two.

Zangaro: But it’s a different type of practice, a different type of workout than OTAs.

Pederson: Yeah, we’ll address it when we get to OTAs.

It will be addressed tomorrow! And then the guy who posts in the comments section as “Carson Wentz’s gimpy leg and bad back” will likely respond to whatever we post about the topic.


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7 Responses

  1. so, he suffered an injury in November that we were told was not that big of a deal, and now seven months later he’s finally been cleared to practice.

    That’s “Big if true” indeed.

  2. “General, if you wear a *red* uniform the men won’t be able to tell if you’re wounded, & they won’t panic.
    “Very good, Sergeant Stukowski .. get me my brown uniform.”

  3. Can someone link me to Kevin’s racist tweets that got him canned? I know that’s what happened when he was covering stupid soccer for CBS but i can never find exactly what he said

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