Angelo Cataldi Demands Howard Eskin Share His Email Address, Then Hangs Up on Him

Heavyweight bout on the WIP Morning Show.

Fighting out of the red corner, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it’s THE KING, Howard Eskin!

And fighting out of the blue corner, from Providence, Rhode Island, a lifelong Yankees supporter and the the self-proclaimed voice of the Philadelphia sports fan, it’s Angelo Cataldi!

Today Howard did a five-minute segment on Angelo’s show, a segment that ended with Angelo hanging up on him. The beef, which was probably fake and/or exaggerated, stems from Angelo being unhappy with Howard ripping him on Saturday for last week’s Gabe Kapler trainwreck interview.

Angelo opened the segment by shredding Howard for getting the Malcolm Jenkins minicamp scoop wrong, so +1 to Cataldi for that.

Then we got this exchange:

Cataldi: I don’t need you on this show, you understand that? I put you on this show to show respect for you, then you take two hours Saturday to completely demean somebody who has 30 years served this city. I resent you but I still put you on. Now if you’re going in this direction do it on somebody else’s show.

Eskin: That’s fine, but you want to address it and I will tell you how I addressed it. I let the fans decide, because you said you were the voice of the fans.

Cataldi: Right.

Eskin: I let the fans have an opinion about what transpired in that Gabe Kapler interview last week, because you said you were the voice of the fans right?

More nonsense after the jump:

Cataldi: Here’s what I did Howard, and I invite you to do it too, because I don’t know of any other talk show host in a major city in America that has done this for the last three months, and all of the people who have participated in it will back me up. My personal email address is [email protected] Feel free to email me and get a personal email every single day. I spoke to over 650 people since the Gabe Kapler interview and way over 500 said we need more of that. That’s what you do, is hold our people to the fire when they’re in the middle of a controversy. Howard, I invite you right now to give out your email address so everybody who listens to this show can email you and tell you how they really feel. How bout you do that?

<Eskin tries to responds while Cataldi talks over him>

Eskin: I’m not gonna give my email address –

Cataldi: Then clearly you don’t want to give the same commitment that I do, isn’t that true?

<more yelling and nonsense>

Cataldi: I got 600 (emails) in three days. I want you to do that, or you can’t be the real spokesman of this city if you’re not willing to make that commitment.

Eskin: I didn’t say I was the real spokesman of this city. I never made that analogy or commitment. I am not the person of the city. I respond to people –

Cataldi: When you call yourself “the king,” what does that mean?

Eskin: I do not call myself the king. I never named myself the king. It was somebody else that named myself the king. Not me.

Cataldi: This is not going – I wanted to talk sports with you but I’m not gonna waste my time anymore. You know what? I’m done with you. I’m done with you. 888-729-9494, let’s go to Lamont..

Brilliant bit of acting there from Angelo, who just talked over Eskin the entire time. The other guy can’t respond if you do all of the talking.

Angelo also does not understand that the majority of people who email him at [email protected] are HIS LISTENERS AND THEREFORE WILL AGREE WITH WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.

But Cataldi already knew that because he’s a brilliant showman and bullshitter.

Full audio here:

BTW, these two had some fake/maybe not fake beef this winter regarding the Bryce Harper stuff. Remember these tweets? –

“Insulting” tweet in question:


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  1. I’ll trust Howard Eskin’s opinion (and probably Gargano’s) way before i’d trust Cataldi’s.
    Each has their own problems which lifers are well aware of.

    1. Cataldi is a bona fide jackass and this has been proven time and time again with his never-ending, awful sports takes. It is laughable that Cataldi thinks he has “served” this city for 30 years yet knows so little about sports in general, the players, and this fan base. He is downright delusional to think he speaks for anyone. He speaks for no one but his loud, obnoxious himself. That is why myself and countless others stopped listening to WIP in the mornings. Unfortunately, WIP will inexplicably continue to renew him so it may take one of his many health issues to chase him into retirement.

    2. Cataldi is nothing but a shock jock. Saying outrageous things to get a reaction. He does play well to his base. Me I listen to 97.5 in the mornings. More informed and some funny conversation.

  2. Listen to Howard Eskin and Angelo Cataldi argue?

    I’d rather listen to the sound of my car not turning over.

  3. Howard’s wrong, but at least he offers a take before the fact…Cataldi’s been a Monday Morning Quarterback for 30 years.

    That said, I hate both.

  4. Did you credit Rob Tornoe before lifting a story he broke hours ago?

    Any new posts with stories broken by Brace or Gargano?

  5. I hate Angelo, but keep listening to him every morning.

    1. It leads one to believe that CB gets kickbacks from WIP for constantly mentioning Cataldi. Like how the useless gambling posts are because of CB’s affiliates. Hey Kevin Federloon, when your commentariat asks for Radio Wars content, that means writing about more than a single host!

  6. Not sure what ur beef with Cataldi is. Take him for what he is. Light hearted and goofy “local sports” related morning talk show.
    Why So Serious

    1. it’s not goofy…it’s not fun. it’s annoying, cheezy and uninformative. Why would I want to listen to an over-reactionary Yankee fan dissect Philly sports? I stopped listening 15 years ago and haven’t missed it once.

  7. Whatever happened to that smoker voice Arthur caller ? That guy was hilarious

      1. What I honestly don’t get is why Keverino posts soccer and gambling swill when any post about a Philly radio personality seems to get quincentuple the comments. Has anyone asked Kyle this at a Meet and Greet?

  8. The best part of that old decrepit piece of dung giving out his email address is that I now have a new email address to put in whenever a website asks for one. Or “sign up to our email for 10% off”. I used to use emails of CB bloggers but I use this clowns instead.

  9. Cataldi is a D bag… only he could make Kapler sympathetic character. F’em both!

  10. 97.3 South Jerseys sports radio has a good lineup for the afternoon. Mike Gills been the staple here , but there addition of Harry Mayes and etyon shander is solid. You still have to deal with the major ESPN programming in the morning but there afternoon radio is more enjoyable than the Philly stations imo.

  11. Dawwww bo love to see a couple of local guys battling it out. Neither of these guys are 4 for 4 tho, leads one to think they lack credibility. I just got done playing half ball with Chunis and Mikey Mish, those are real 4 for 4 guys.

    Dawww I LOVE Carson and Ben! But, I am not a cheerleader bo, I am a real Philly guy

    Check me out with Chunis and Martinez 10-2 and by myself for the 4 for 4 guy hour 6 pm

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