Chase Utley Confirms That He Hates The Mets


We’ve long known that Mets fans really do not like Chase Utley. You may remember last month when a woman called WFAN’s Boomer and Gio Show just to tell Chase off. It’s pretty obvious that Mets players feel the same way. Certainly, you remember that time when Noah Syndergaard threw behind Utley like a tough guy and then Terry Collins came out and threw a temper tantrum:

I guess they are all still hung up on the whole Ruben Tejada take-out slide thing, or maybe it’s that he tormented the Mets with 39 career homers and seemed to be in the middle of everything as his teams ruined their season year after year. I guess that could be it, too.

Anyway, Utley is doing some television now with the Dodgers and had a little Q&A going last night. He was asked, “Do you really hate the New York Mets?”

His answer, which you can see after the jump, probably won’t surprise you.

Classic Chase.


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  1. The vapid college girls who wore pink Utley jerseys became fat vapid soccer moms, replaced by a new class of vapid college girls wearing pink Harper jerseys. Rinse and repeat.

    1. The amount of kids walking around named Chase because of this nerd is sickening and the men went along with letting their wives name a kid a name of a guy that wanted to be banged by. Sick women

      1. There will be a ton of kids named Harper or Bryce in the next few years. Just watch. May even surpass Chase since no one could give the first name “Utley”.

  2. There’s good ol’ Chase in his beloved Dodger blue. An LA boy at heart.

    If only Mike Trout had the loyalty to the area where he grew up as Utley did to Southern California.

    1. Angels: We would like to make you the richest player in MLB history. Oh you’re also living in Southern California.
      Mike Trout: Nah, I’m waiting this one out to go back to New Jersey and play for the Phillies – if they have the payroll.

      Cmon bro.

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