Colorado Youth Baseball Game Turns into Ridiculous “Adult” Brawl

I did the “50 More Hot Takes” column last week and I’d like to refer you to hot take #50 to begin this post:

Parents who yell at their kids, the coach, or the referees at a youth sporting event should be immediately escorted from the premises and put on six months of probation.

I’d like to extend that to parents who beat the shit out of each other at little league baseball games, which happened Tuesday in Lakewood, Colorado:

Just total insanity, totally ridiculous behavior from these “adults,” especially the guy at the 20 second mark who clocks the other dude when he’s not even looking.

What is an appropriate punishment for these fools?

Probation? Jail? 100 hours of community service? Being forced to re-watch the Phillies’ 2015 season?

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5 Responses

  1. A week or two in jail. Make it hurt. The wallet. The ego. The record. On top of that, community service in public spaces. This is completely uncalled for at a youth event.

  2. You can’t let these 13 YO umps make bad calls. Pretty soon they’re umping in the bigs, and nothing changes….

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