LaVar Ball Will No Longer be Appearing on ESPN, For Now

Per Richard Deitsch:


Ball will be back on ESPN airwaves within the calendar year.

In case you missed it, he went on First Take the other day and made a SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE comment towards Molly Qerim, who is married to Jalen Rose. That comment was condemned by ESPN, who feigned surprise that a guy with a history of saying outrageous shit on TV once again said some outrageous shit on TV.

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11 Responses

  1. Sixers should draft Villanova's defensive minded rugged power power forward Eric paschall to pair alongside Joel Embiid says:

    Just saying

  2. Since Kinker insists on positing useless shit that has nothing to do with philadelphia sports, i guess
    I’ll have to do your job for you. Anyone can be a point and click blogger……..and steal from bleedinggreennation.
    – Pimple Faced Teenager
    Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy keeps showing the Double Doink loss during team meetings

    Almost half a year has passed since the Eagles narrowly advanced in the playoffs thanks to the infamous Double Doink by Cody Parkey resulting in a loss for the Chicago Bears. And, while it’s a moment that Eagles fans continue to celebrate, it’s something Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy isn’t willing to let his team forget anytime soon.

    Bears’ running back Tarik Cohn was on Mad Dog Sports Radio earlier this week and told host Adam Schein that Nagy will often throw in clips of their brutal loss during team meetings.

    “He just shows us the last seconds of the game. He shows us the crowd’s reaction, our reactions from the sideline, and he just tells us never forget that hurt, you know, and that we want to get back to that place and have a different outcome. So that drives us and motivates to get through the practice every day.”

    The Bears had a lot of opportunities during that game to avoid even coming down to a last-second field goal, but while Nagy is hoping the clips of the loss fuel his team heading into 2019, Eagles fans can continue to watch the footage with great joy.

    And, it’s not just Eagles fans still celebrating the special moment, with the Double Doink inspiring a Packers fans to create an amazing troll job for the city of Chicago around St. Patrick’s Day.

  3. Love how everyone is so triggered about “omg! molly is married to Jalen Rose!” Instead of the real things people should be mad at, like “omg! The guy who made the comment is married to a woman who suffered a stroke two years ago.”

  4. LaVar’s still going to be an entertaining clown, but his son just went from playing in the biggest market in basketball to the smallest. I doubt he’ll be back.

    1. The phrase “entertaining clown” brings to mind unfortunate minstrel stereotypes. Please use a phrase less problematic.

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