Joe Douglas was at the NovaCare Complex Wednesday for OTA practice, which means he’s still the Eagles’ Vice President of Player Personnel… for now.

He is, reportedly, a top target for the Jets’ GM job, a gig he interviewed for on Sunday, though that process continues through the week, with a slew of varied updates delivered to us via NFL writers and/or information brokers.

I see five relevant tweets, so let’s go down the list, starting with:

They are “less than a million per year apart?” That makes me laugh, because it sounds like a crap ton of money. Guess I don’t have a frame of reference.

Tweet two, after the jump:

Aha, so maybe the money isn’t for him, per se, it’s so he can hire the best people to work with him. Sounds like somebody I’d follow to NY.

Tweet three:

Could just be a formality. If Douglas has been the reported frontrunner this entire time, might be a smart hardball stance he’s taking.

Tweet four:

If Joe Douglas does not accept five years at two million dollars per, I will step in to take the job.

Tweet five:

Yeah? No shit? Mehta has been reporting that from the beginning, now he’s reporting that the Jets don’t like it.

Time’s yours.