SugarHouse Sportsbook is Offering No Vig Bets Throughout the NBA Finals

sugarhouse sportsbook no juice

Let’s be real here. No bettor ever wants to lose, but sometimes taking an L just can’t be avoided. No bettor wants to pay the vig on those losses either. The good news? That part can be avoided at SugarHouse Sportsbook throughout the duration of the NBA Finals thanks to its no-vig bets promo. So while SugarHouse can’t guarantee that you will win your bet, it can guarantee that you won’t needlessly pay the vig thanks to +100 main line spreads.

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SugarHouse Sportsbook no juice

So, what exactly does this mean for the average bettor? Players looking to win $100 on a point spread bet typically risk anywhere between $108 to $115 to do so. For instance, over at DraftKings Sportsbook , bettors must wager $112 for a $100 return on the Warriors at +2.5 and $109 to win $100 on the Raptors at -2.5. Those prices are within the typical market range and more than fair, but SugarHouse is waving the upcharge, so bettors will only have to risk exactly what they want to win. More experienced sports bettors know that over time that “vig,” which is also commonly referred to as “juice,” adds up, so be sure to take advantage of this uncommon offer.

Previously, PointsBet ran a no juice promo on college basketball’s title game back in April, but this is something that we don’t typically see, so if you’re looking to jump into some NBA Finals betting action, you can do so right here .

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