Joel Embiid Takes a Shirtless Saunter Through the Streets of Philly

Image from reader Matthew Palmer

“This is post.” When the CB staff sees Kyle pop into Slack from his sports betting dungeon, there’s typically a free-for-all won by Kinker. Today, reader Matthew Palmer tipped us off to something that really caught Kyle’s attention: a shirtless Joel Embiid walking the streets of Philly. Am I going to fawn over the Sixers’ franchise center in the same way we might find in Kyle Scott’s erotic fan fiction? No.

Here’s the deal. Embiid posted some pictures on Instagram last week and he looked pretty freaking ripped. It’s one thing to stage your own glamour shots. It’s another to put yourself out in public like Embiid did.

Images an analysis of what he’s carrying after the jump:

It definitely looks like Joel’s got a GameStop bag with something the size of a PS4 Pro. Embiid was the NBA Live 19 cover athlete a year ago. Maybe he’s gearing up for some PUBG with Ben Simmons. Speaking of Simmons, if he puts as much work into his jumpshot as Joel has put into his physique, the Sixers will walk to the NBA Finals just like the prophet James Ennis III predicted. At least, that’s what I’m guessing Angelo Cataldi and Howard Eskin are whispering to themselves.