John Boruk Wrote a Post Comparing the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Donald Trump, and it was Not Well-Received

John Boruk is a conservative, but you already knew that.

The former NBC Sports Philadelphia anchor and Flyers reporter has previously tweeted about topics such as Colin Kaepernick, and why he wouldn’t let his son wear the color pink, the latter take resulting in a public apology.

I personally don’t care about the guy’s political views, but left wing Twitter does, and Boruk got “ratioed” for this tweet and Facebook post, which compared the United States Women’s National Team to President Donald Trump:


It’s an interesting premise. The U.S. women pretty much loathe Donald Trump. Donald Trump loathes them. However, are they actually alike?

“Holy shit what an awful take. Delete this,” wrote Twitter user @williamzabka42.This is one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a while,said Parker Molloy of Media Matters.

John in PA chimed in:

Right then, let’s take a look at the Facebook post and decide for ourselves. Writes Boruk, after the jump:


They were brash.

They were emboldened.

And they brought a certain American bravado into this year’s tournament in their quest to become the first US team to win back-to-back World Cup titles.

The French air was filled with American arrogance, and whether they approve of the comparison or not, it was very Trumpian in nature. It was the same style and manner in which the 45th President of the United States has navigated his way through his affairs in the White House.

Ok, you have my attention. Let’s take a look at the next part:

The women didn’t tiptoe their way onto the World Cup stage, but rather trounced all over Thailand as if they had picked grapes off the Bordeaux vine and stomping out the seeds – turning the Thailand team into their own fine wine, a 13-0 demolition, where the sweet taste of the most lopsided loss in women’s World Cup history was met with criticism.

Why? Because there’s a certain feeling that we have to apologize for flexing our muscle when the rest of the world is watching.…/status/1138551898259243008

“This was disgraceful for the United States,” said former Canadian national player Clare Rustad. To which one could reply, “Then how would you have described Canada’s 18-0 ice hockey win over Slovakia in the 2010 Winter Games?”

Yes, how quickly they forget.

Of course, the USWNT made no apologies, nor should they. They gave Thailand everything they had. It would have been a slap in the face if they had half-assed their way to victory.

It was reminiscent of when the 1992 Dream Team chased Angola into Olympic oblivion, winning by 68 points, a game in which Charles Barkley elbowed an opposing player and was unapologetic in doing so. �
Perhaps Barkley’s antics were unwarranted as the US team was labeled as ‘bullies’, but it was a reminder then as it is now that we expect athletes to act and behave in a certain way all the time. American supremacy is under attack even in America.

Still, the competitiveness and emotion have a tendency to dictate otherwise.

So Boruk is basically saying that the USWNT showed “American exceptionalism” in the way they beat the stuffing out of Thailand. He uses the word supremacy, but it’s the same thing. Variances of the phrase have been used ad nauseam in the corny political argument over whether America is the best country in the world or whatever.

I do agree when he says that the Dream Team and the U.S. women have nothing to apologize for. They talked some shit and backed it up on the field. They kept their foot on the pedal and didn’t let up, not for “sportsmanship” or any other contrived reasons. I was honestly most impressed with the way they talked a big game and then followed through in their performances – which they did under enormous amounts of pressure by the way – which ultimately solidified their uber-elite status on Sunday afternoon. It was the ultimate example of talking the talk and then walking the walk, which is very American, in my mind.

The thing that bugged me and others was not goals 11, 12, or 13 against Thailand, it was the way they celebrated those extra goals, as if it was even a challenge. That rang a bit hollow for me, since this was a team that had, indeed, been there before but was acting like they hadn’t been.

Anyway, I digress.

Here’s the rest of Boruk’s post:

Then there was outrage over Alex Morgan’s ‘tea cup’ celebration in a 2-1 victory over England in which she trolled the Brits with her celebration coming off the eventual game-winning goal.

Moments like these come once-in-a-lifetime, and will be talked about for years to come.

Morgan said, “I feel that there is some sort of double standard for females in sports.”

“Wah, wah, wah. It’s like, we’re at the World Cup. What do you want us to do?” Rapinoe said Wednesday in response to criticism, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Rachel Bachmann. “We work hard, we like to play hard.”

And perhaps they’re both right. Collectively, maybe we don’t expect women to bring a level of braggadocio to competition.

But it was refreshing.

This is the World Cup – like the Olympics – an event that comes around once every four years. The hours, days and weeks spent training and practicing for this moment are countless. If there was ever an occasion to “whip it out” so to speak and be less “lady like”, this was the moment in life to do so.

Thankfully, they left their political correctness and mlld-mannered (sic) behavior behind once they landed at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris last month.

They were the team the world was shooting for coming into the tournament, and they took everyone’s best shot. In fact, they’ve taken the media’s best shots for the past 20 years ever since Brandi Chastain whipped off her jersey to reveal her sports bra at the 1999 Women’s World Cup.

This was America’s team regardless of Megan Rapinoe’s ill-timed comments regarding a visit to the White House.

Collectively, they may be taking a stance against the POTUS, but everything about their performance in France seemed to come right out of Donald Trump’s playbook.

It’s an interesting column.

Of course Boruk got blasted into the high heavens by people who were appalled that he would ever consider comparing the U.S. women to a president that they revile. Then, on the other side, you have pro-Trump conservatives who hate the U.S. women because they think Megan Rapinoe is a loudmouth Kaepernick clone, because they won’t go to the White House, and because they have LGBT players and blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. So I get what Boruk was trying to say here, but I think he probably just pissed off everybody instead. If he had left Trump out of it and just said, “this World Cup win was very American” or whatever, it would have resonated.

Unfortunately he was inundated with comments like this, from “Bomark Padgett” –

I personally believe that’s a little harsh, to invite somebody to eat your feces. But you tell me – good column? Bad column? Good points? Bad points?

At Crossing Broad, we report the facts in a fair and balanced way, then our readers can make informed decisions. And sometimes we use satire.

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38 Responses

  1. Boruk Is going to be blackballed from the media for not being a liberal .

    1. Are you a big fan of the disgusting tattooed obese bodies contained in those thongs? Good God, the beach is filled with lard hog land whales.

    2. Boruk got let go by NBC Sports.

      Boruk currently spends his time using Twitter to promote his Facebook page.

  2. Im just confused – isn’t that a pink shirt he’s wearing in his twitter picture? It even looks like it had a flower design on the inside of the collar …

  3. That is a lot of words to try to justify why John feels like he can celebrate freely. He doesn’t want to celebrate because of the politics around this team and his inability to look at things as they are..Like most people today they base opinion on the politics surrounding the event in question.

    So John used a lot of words to say these women were kind of obnoxious and that makes the like Trump, so we can pretend to be happy for them.

    John was trying to sound smart, then went on an idiotic rant using 3rd grade logic.

    1. Any truth to the rumor Megan Rapinoe stole Julie Ertz’s game worm panties yesterday?

      1. Could be some truth. Does that make you feel funny inside? Apparently locker rooms left you scarred. Confused about things? It’s ok. Just be yourself.

        Poor guy.

      1. yeah not nearly to the same extent. The left is a disease that hates this country and everything it represents.

        1. See what I mean? Repeated all the time – not remotely true. The left loves a lot about this country – they are just not repeating what you repeat.

          I remember when Obama was the President. The right sure was hating at that time.

          Same disorder. Unable to think for yourself.

  4. she invented a fairy tale in her head that the president hates her because gay.

    1. Actually it’s because he’s a lying corrupt racist fraud being used by the mega rich to destroy the Constitution so they can keep more money and let the rest of us eat shit, but nice try

      1. while I agree with your assessment of Trump, you’ve probably just described over half of the politicians who have ever held an elected office. And don’t even try to say that this is a “republican” thing. just look at the Clinton’s for starters, look at the unbelievably corrupt Democrats who have been running Philly for years…and not just the Mayor, but every damn department in the city….it’s everywhere. For the Democrats to decide that hundreds of years of history all have to be rectified THIS YEAR, is asinine, but yeah, go ahead and vote democratic if you feel like they’re “less corrupt”…laughable.

        1. Who says libs? What, are you, part of a club? Conserves. Branch out a bit. Bunch of bitches on both sides so badly want to be part of a big cult.

  5. Rapinoe has ties to HIllary Clinton… Hillary Clinton has 6 logged flights to Little Saint James Island… Those who cry and scream loudest always are hiding the most.

  6. Boruk would have a point if the women’s team had spent decades lying and cheating and lining their pockets with taxpayers’ cash, and then won the big game after some other country secretly undermined all the other teams’ practices so that the Yanks could win as easily as possible and use their platform to demolish all existing international soccer federations and let a small group of oligarchs feast on whatever cash they can grub out of the rubble.

  7. why does the alphabet soup brigade hate trump?

    is it because the trans community isnt allowed to use military healthcare (tax money) for gender reassignment surgery?

    as far as i know, rapinoe and her buddies werent (and wont be) rounded up and thrown in camps

    so whats the reason for the community being so vehemently against trump?

    1. then they don’t watch events the media refuses to cover, and lap up what the media has trained them to want to hear. the Independence Day celebration as the most recent example.

      1. 450 billion dollars sent to Iran and the media licked his pink flag waving kenyan booty

          1. I proved your point but stating a fact that he gave 450 billion to Iran? and that the media kissed his A? man you’re as dumb as you are ugly

          2. 450 billion dollars is a “taking”, not smart enough to spell talking, point? You really are going to struggle with the names that go down with Epstein. Make sure you come back for your whoopings and dont take the easy way out princess

          3. Following your logic a typo makes you stupid.

            You above post has ‘but’ instead of ‘by’.

            By the way, I am a Republican and a veteran. Your assumption that I am a liberal is more proof you don’t think for yourself.

            Try to keep up, or just keep repeating.

            By the way, you have no clue how to use commas. You are obviously uneducated.

  8. Is womens soccer popular anywhere in the world? Is there a “premier” type league for women? I hear about the mens leagues all the time but have never heard of one womens league. Also, how well funded and equipped are many of these other nations vs. the US. I imagine the US has state of the art facilities, nutritionist, etc. I question the competitiveness of the whole thing. Good job, I guess we won the thing we were supposed to win?

  9. idk who this guy is (havent lived in Philly for 25yrs), but I think it’s a perfectly defensible article after reading it. Sadly, ppl just react to headlines.

      1. ah yes google that was just exposed via Project Veritas as pushing fake news against the President hahaha what a moron

  10. I agree …his basic point is, it’s refreshing to see America pounding our chest again …I like Trump, have a mad crush on Rapinoe and thoroughly enjoyed watching every possible minute of the women’s world cup with my 12 year old son that loves soccer.

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