John Smallwood, Sam Donnellon, Rick O’Brien Taking Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News Buyouts

The Crossing Broad news desk is receiving bits and pieces of information regarding the buyouts taking place at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

Sources tell us that Flyers writer Sam Donnellon is taking a buyout, along with longtime columnist John Smallwood and Pennsylvania high school writer Rick O’Brien.

Additionally, sports editors Deborah Woodall and Oscar Miller are leaving the company, along with Philadelphia Eagles beat writer Zach Berman, who will cover the Birds for a different outlet this season. Longtime Metro columnist Stu Bykofsky, as we mentioned this morning, was offered a spot on the sports desk but decided to take a buyout instead.

The Inquirer/Daily News is going through another round of restructuring and looking to trim its staff by 30 employees, offering voluntary separation before layoffs begin.

Interestingly enough, Jeff Blumenthal dropped a story Thursday evening at the Philadelphia Business Journal, reporting on the details of an eight-page memo sent to employees describing the challenges faced by ownership. The powers that be believe they have five years to right the ship and are setting a goal of generating “$95 million in digital revenue” to get things back on track. That seems very ambitious to me, but I hope they pull it off for the sake of the employees who do a lot of good work over there.

Donnellon was one of two Flyers writers working for the company, along with Sam Carchidi. He previously wrote for the Miami Herald, Charlotte Observer, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among other newspapers.

Smallwood did a bit of everything during his time in Philly, most recently shifting focus back to Villanova and local colleges. John began with the paper in 1994 and spent 20 years writing sports columns.

O’Brien’s beat was local high school football and basketball, so he handled stories involving St. Joe’s Prep, Imhotep, Archbishop Wood, etc. Stuff like that. His bio states that he joined the Inquirer in 1993.

The buyout packages include 24 weeks pay and either six months medical coverage or one lump sum of $5,000.


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  1. I read the Daily News everyday for over 30 yrs. when they bumped the price up to 2.95 and the quality went down I stopped buying it. Guess a lot of people felt the same way. Plus with social media and Apple News +. News papers are becoming a thing of the past.

    1. Bc it used to feature some skanky honeys in the ad section (but curiously, no propane refills). It can’t compete with the modern internet though.

    2. Wow, what an incredibly profound insight. Seriously. I never quite thought of it that way.

    3. yeah sure thing schmuck………….

      social media article writing cuttin’ and pastin hacks like kinker and kyle and the otehr third rates
      more than make up for seasoned veteran reporters/writers
      like Donaldson and Smallwood.

      You’re spot on with this.

      Keep drinking that ginNjuice buddy…………..

  2. Ok maybe the Big Lakowski is onto something with all the “revenue is up ten zillllllion percent” type comments. Or maybe there was a fat settlement from a Charlie C vs The Estate of Curious George lawsuit. Either way, I’m impressed y’all can afford to have a news desk!

  3. Met Rick O’Brien when I briefly covered high school sports. Pretty good dude.

  4. I used to love reading Daily news sports back in the day over the toilet & while eating nice lunch. Now it’s a train wreck lefty ripoff

  5. Nobody reads the paper anymore. And philly. com (or whatever it is now) totally crapped the bed going digital.

  6. We should all applaud nyc mayor DeBlassio for proclaiming a hate crime against our American hero Megan Rapinoe.

  7. They ain’t no reason why deez females be throwin shade on ur boy Sean Brace!! Fuck dat!

  8. Who are three people who made more money writing about sports than anyone who ever wrote for Crossing Broad combined will make in their lifetime, Alex?

  9. Extreme Rules this Sunday in Philadelphia. Although WWE wrestling is at its lowest point ever, they still blow womens soccer ratings out of the water.

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          1. Carmella has a nice turd cutter for sure but her face reminds me of an afghan dog

        1. Ty Why Are All Liberals Ugly…I wonder if CB could cover this event?

          1. CB doesn’t cover anything.
            they cut and paste from otehr people that cover events

          2. CTRL C…. CTRL V

            Kev does the same thing we do… Look at knowledgeable outlet sources for sports news, but instead of carrying on with his day… He does the ol’ ctrl c and ctrl v to CB.

    1. My grandmom watches soap operas too. I am glad you are excited for your soap operas on pay per view this Sunday.

      1. pay per view? hahaha showing your age here buddy. hang on… you’re telling me wrestling is fake?!?!?! holy crap! I wonder if next you’re going to tell me that every television show and movie is fake too?!?!?! I’m guessing you’ve never watched TV or a movie before?

        1. Dude, iirc Shart is one of those “orange man bad, I’m ready for (even more) socialism” types. Hey Shart, you know what’s faker than wrestling? Politics.

        2. I think it is great you are excited for soap operas! My grandmom gets really wrapped up into Young and the Restless. You get excited for 300 pound men in their underroos hugging each other. Whatever floats your boat. No shame!

          1. Hey Shart, are you and your grandmamma implying that it’s wrong for people to identify as something other than CIS? Not so woke now are we? BTW if you like grown men patting each other’s butts, I still recommend the NFL over WWE.

          2. hahaha typical liberal, gets put in his place and then double downs instead of admitting he was wrong. Notice how Shart won’t answer if he watches tv or movies which are fake. 300lb men? Scroll up bud, we are talking about the women. You’re the same guy that followed “men” like Obama and now you’re into Beto and Booker… its ok buddy, what you’re doing is called PROJECTION. You’re the one getting worked up over men when we are clearly talking about the smoking hot women.

          3. I teased you about wrestling.

            And you brought up Obama. Yep. That is projection.

            No worries, mate. You can head back to reddit and tell everyone how you owned a lib!

            Maybe you and Tiger Beat can put your brains together and come up with a single brain cell.

          4. Teased about wrestling? You brought up men touching when we were talking about women. Then you had no rebuttal to me asking if you watched and enjoyed TV or movies. Then I brought up the likelihood that your hero’s are limp wrist having “men” . Now, once proven incorrect you being the loser loud liberal you are just repeat and shout your already incorrect statement

  10. Jim Adair lit up the internet last night when he broke the Westbrook trade.

    1. Who is that? I read in some other comment he’s a millionaire? As if the world didn’t already have a million other rich h0nky devils.

  11. When newspapers are all gone, no one will miss them except companies that are wrapping fish in them.

    Even more important; the radio Nielsons are out and little Jon Marks put his foot up Mike Miss’s ass, again. I guess adding Trampy McTramp to the show didn’t do so much.

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