Lenny Dykstra Offers a Message of Kindness and Love to the Bagel Boss Guy

Lenny Dykstra believes he should have been included in our top 10 list of short Philly athletes, which I admitted was cobbled together with little research. I think I spent seven or eight minutes on it, and in my haste, I omitted Mark Recchi, Danny Briere, and Brian Westbrook, among others.

But Nails is right, he was a short Philly athlete, standing just 5’10” but earning himself three All-Star appearances during his eight seasons as a Phillie.

I felt the need to apologize to Lenny for my oversight:


Sure. I can help spread a message of kindness, love, peace, harmony, and understanding.

Here’s Lenny’s video on the “little guy that went crazy at bagel boss” on Wednesday, after the jump:

Lenny’s message, in part:

“You need to understand, I was the smallest guy in the league, so I had to deal with the same kind of things. And what was worse for me than you is that I had to shower with Darryl Strawberry, if you know what I mean, who was hung like a fucking swamp mule. But let’s get past that; it was traumatizing for me, so I know why you’re traumatized. Here’s the first tip; remember little guy, you’re selling dreams, okay? You’re selling dreams. The promise of money is actually more powerful than the money itself. Just remember those two lines and lose the anger, okay?

It’s a good message, and I hope the bagel boss guy finds the peace and solace that has eluded him for all of these years.


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  1. So Lenny’s new scam is to be a philosopher? I guess he will monetize that by being a personal coach?

  2. What in the hell did he just say? God have mercy on this man.

  3. I would never touch a man thats under 6’1″ tall. Bad breeding stock, not to mention the anger issues and propensity to be an alcoholic or puff on those pocket pens.

  4. CB loves shysters and convicts like Meek mill, dykstra, kanye and teh kardashians.

    I guess it fits in with the ‘fake shirt’ mentality at CB.

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