Report: Arrieta Has Bone Spur in Right Elbow

Arrieta has a bone spur

Jake Arrieta was pummeled by the Mets lineup over four-plus innings last night as he surrendered 11 hits and five earned runs in a frustrating 6-5 loss at Citi Field. The rough outing was the latest in what has been a string of them for Arrieta, who has a 6.27 ERA while allowing opposing batters to hit .314 with a .914 OPS over 33 IP dating back to the start of June. He also plunked Todd Frazier–with an 85.1 mph changeup–causing this ridiculous reaction by Frazier and Mets manager Mickey Callaway:

Mickey Callaway. What an absolute zero that guy is.

The dust up led to equally ridiculous postgame comments from Arrieta in which he threatened to put a dent in Frazier’s skull. Now comes a report this morning from Ken Rosenthal and Matt Gelb of The Athletic that Arrieta has been pitching with a bone spur in his right elbow.

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According to the report, Arrieta will likely need surgery, though it remains unclear when that would occur or to what extent the injury is impacting his performance. Judging by his numbers, the answer would seem to be quite a bit–or he’s just ineffective at this point. Either way, this is a concerning development for both a 33-year-old pitcher in decline and the team that’s likely on the hook for his $20 million 2020 player option.

As I wrote the other day, the Phillies are more than one move away from making a legit playoff run, so the possibility of losing another arm, however mediocre it may be at the moment, would be a tough blow. Dating back to June 1, Phillies starters have a 5.25 ERA and an NL-worst 5.21 FIP. Cole Irvin or Enyel De Los Santos aren’t going to fix that.

For the Phillies, this news is just the latest possible injury blow in what has been a season full of them. Matt Klentak is in an unenviable position right now with the trade deadline just a little more than three weeks away and no obvious fix in sight for a third-place team that is just 9-16 over its last 25 games.

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18 Responses

  1. As a hardcore Phillies fan, I can usually find some reason to cheer for a Phillies player. No Jake. He’s not good honey, he’s expensive and he comes off like a jerk.

    1. Not sure what we expected. Arrieta was on the decline for 3 straight seasons before the Phillies signed him. Agree that both Manager and GM are over their heads. Everyone knows that the game is 80% pitching and we spent the money on an outfielder. This should cost the GM his job.

  2. This is the most unlikable shitty Phillies team I can remember. Manager over his head. Gm over his head. Here’s a hint for Klentak if Cubs dump pitcher aka Jake the snake he’s shot. Yankees gove up on pitch aka Mr Robertson hes shot.

  3. Klentak is in an unenviable position because he put himself in one. He tried patching up this team with free agents to hide the fact that this franchise can’t draft young talent and it’s backfiring on him big time. Hunter fucking Pence is out hitting Bryce Harper and this team probably have to trade Bruce at the deadline to get better for next season LOL

  4. 3 cheers for John Boruk for coming out of nowhere for the worst tweet of the day.

    Additional 3 cheers for John Boruk for still having NBC in Twitter handle even though he doesn’t work for them.

  5. When i watch & or listen on radio to games, I’ve noticed that Kapler NEVER seems to have a RHP & LHP warming up in BP at same time. WHY? Isn’t your job as manager to be prepared for any & all situations ready to counter ANY move by the opposition? He is so annoying.

    And yet Kapler isn’t entirely to blame because the lousy GM did him NO favors by “running it back” with the same shitty staring pitching staff. About the only thing Kapler has done right was tell that big nosed, carpetbagging, creepy old asshole in the morning that he doesn’t speak for all the fans.

  6. Rumor has it, the Cuz is announcing a new addition to the show today! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I can’t wait. We all love the Cuz so much!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin uses the terms “awesome sauce “ and “fire” whilst referring to something cool.

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