Zach Ertz Hops on Good Morning Football, Surprises Julie Ertz

Good Morning Football

The undisputed #1 power couple in Philadelphia sports appeared on Good Morning Football today.

World Cup winner Julie Ertz thought it was just a solo appearance, so check out her reaction when Super Bowl winner/husband Zach Ertz joins the program:

Here’s Julie on Zach’s support, after the jump:

“I couldn’t believe that our schedules aligned. Our schedules never align, that he could be there from the second game on was insane. Honestly, it was really emotional, I’ve never (looked) in the stands for such a big tournament and seen Zach. They gave family seats that were like right there, row one, I got to see him during the national anthem, I’m already emotional, then I see my best friend and #1 supporter, and I couldn’t do what I do without him. That was so overwhelming. It was so much motivation out there.”

Not to be weird or anything, but if these two ever decide to procreate, their children are an automatic lock for whatever sport they’d like to play professionally. They’d probably be offered college scholarships at something like age 7 or 8.


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  1. my guess is that Julie Ertz would LOVE to punch that purple haired biach right in the face and tell her to stfu!

    1. Fire Angelo? What are you on crack! He’s number one in the ratings by a landslide.

  2. The real story here is that cool NFL pinball machine in the background. Let’s hear more about that.

  3. Can some one explain why Crossing Broad has media credentials if they just copy and paste shit from other sites
    and post it here as ‘their’ article?

  4. Zach and Julie Ertz are a lovely brother and sister duo. Almost as adorable as Nick and Kelley Mangold

    1. Kyle and Kinker and their chimp-child Joe D are a much cuter couple and they are also:
      1) sports “article” writers…i mean cuttin/pastin folks
      2) professional gamblers
      3) stock prognosticators(“Get in early on ‘Uber’ and ‘Lyft’ IPO’s…….”)
      4) experience with writing Tiger Beat articles on useless drivel like the kardashian’s etc.
      5) never inflate page views or click counts
      6) adopted a chimp named ‘Charlie’/Joe D
      7) own mass real estate holding including multiple houses
      8) bust out around town in a red A4
      9) hire the best people and pay the best wages of all of local sports blogs
      10) are irreverent
      11) never use the company twitter account for making poor remarks

      Go Kyle and Go Kinker!
      YOU…..ARE…THE MANs!

      huggs, kisses and jollywots!

      – Kate Devlin

  5. Can see Zac saying wtf when that purple headed freak walks in the room looking for a fight

  6. Was she ever penalized for a hand pass.

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