Sean Rodriguez Says He’s Sorry for Using the Word “Entitled” to Describe Phillies Fans

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The Sean Rodriguez story is very close to exiting the news cycle. It’s on its last legs, a set of wobbly legs that are just about to give way after 72 hours of arguing about booing and fan behavior on Twitter, Facebook, television, and the radio.

Rodriguez, who called out Phillies supporters after his Monday walk-off, has been viciously booed ever since describing y’all as “entitled.”

He clarified his comments last night when speaking with reporters, via NBC Sports Philadelphia: 

“I wasn’t trying to insult anybody with what I said,” Rodriguez told reporters. “I’m very similar to the Philly fan base. I’m a very passionate person. I’m a passionate player. I show up every day and I don’t leave anything in the tank.

“Could I probably have used different words? Yeah, absolutely. I could’ve said ‘love over hate.’ I do agree that the fans obviously pay to come watch a game and they feel entitled to want to say something.

“And again, like I said, I thought I was pretty clear: The boos aren’t anything I’m actually opposed to. When they’re properly directed, that’s fine. It’s some of the other stuff that was being said underneath that.”


“I’m not opposed to the passion,” Rodriguez said. “If we don’t hustle, absolutely get on us. So, was ‘entitled’ something that no doubt offended a lot of people? Yeah. For that, I’m sorry. The offense isn’t something I was trying to do. But to stand on what I was trying to put out, love over hate, that I can’t back down from.”

Ok, look, that’s reasonable. Guy said something that was not well received and now he’s apologizing and clarifying the comments. I hereby declare that any Sean Rodriguez booing that takes place this weekend will be deemed corny and unwarranted.

Thank you.


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  1. King Kevin’s “declarations” aside, this clown is going to get booed every time he steps to the plate in CBP for the rest of his career. His only option this point is to take it like a b****. Not sorry.

  2. Does Kyle really think bringing on huckster Brandon Lang will improve Crossing Broads’s sports betting credibility?


  3. Kevin,
    Dont you think hes just walking back these comments because he’s embarrassed and tired of being booed all the time?

      1. He should be embarrassed by the quality of his play on the field, even if he’s too thick headed to be embarrassed by the stupidity of his comments.

    1. It is 2019 and Sean Rodriguez still dresses like an extra from Captain Ron. Embarrassed is not a feeling he knows.

  4. Kevin, shouldn’t you resist telling people which chants are appropriate for a fan base?

    Don’t you remember what happened the last time you did that?

      1. Well, he does have to read them first to come to that conclusion, smart guy. Lame deflection attempt.

  5. They were dumb comments and no one wants to hear them from a guy that probably shouldnt be in the majors. I’m not even a big fan of booing guys but I feel like it comes with the territory. Entitled? In the wild card era the Phillies havent made the play-offs in 8 years.

  6. He made it worse. Why couldn’t he just apologize instead of only apologizing for using the word “entitled”? Here is what he should have said, and had he, he would be applauded his next time up: “I was frustrated and I spoke out of anger. I apologize to the fans of this team and this great city. I’ll continue to work hard when called upon, and do my best to help get this team to the playoffs. I appreciate the fervor of our fan base, I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else.”

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