The Comcast-Spectacor folks were nice enough to have us down to the Wells Fargo Center Wednesday to introduce the “New City Terrace,” which was built on the balcony level this summer.

This is where you’ll find the “Assembly Room,” which is the area you can access with the $25 standing room only ticket we mentioned a while back. 

So basically you get off the elevator, hang a right, and you’re on the Terrace, which starts with a long corridor that wraps around half of the arena before it bumps into the reworked suite area, which is called “Liberty Lofts.” There are fire places and communal seats throughout, which includes multiple bars and a kitchen area serving all sorts of tasty stuff.

The $25 ticket gets you access to the entire corridor area with every amenity. What you do not have access to is the ring of seats that are located right behind the glass in this picture below:

Those seats are part of what’s being called “Revolutionary Row,” which are sold as part of a different package. If you buy the $25 “Assembly Room” ticket, you can walk up to the ledges right behind the seats, put your food and drink down, and watch the action from what equates to basically one or two rows up.

The good thing is that you can see everything pretty clearly. The view does not appear to be at all blocked by the seats in front of you, since there’s a step down to reach the balcony.

My video is kind of crappy, but this shows what the view looks like when standing behind the seats and looking down over the ice:

The Assembly Room itself is named for a location at Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed. So the artwork and decor on the terrace is a contemporary take on that, hence the fireplaces and sconces and whatnot. It doesn’t exactly scream “ice hockey,” but it’s a pretty unique space. Each game, 750 of the $25 tickets will be made available while the Revolutionary Row includes 297 seats, so you’ll have a little more than a thousand folks walking around this area every game, assuming they sell the allotment.

To recap:

  1. the entire balcony area was renamed “New City Terrace”
  2. the standing room section is the “Assembly Room”
  3. the seats are sold separately and branded as “Revolutionary Row”
  4. beyond the kitchen and bar is the new suite area, called “Liberty Lofts”

Additionally, the entire ledge is covered in electrical and USB outlets for phone charging. The new sports book was not in this section, so maybe that’s still under construction. I actually forgot to ask, sorry. Oh, and the new scoreboard was being worked on last night, so it was lowered to the ice. The thing is MONOLITHIC. Seriously. It’s incredibly huge. Wait until you see it in person. You will be stunned.

Here are some more photos of the area. The artwork has yet to be hung, and the lighting is a little bit old school by design, which doesn’t make for amazing Android pics, but this should at least give you an idea of the size and depth of the place:


Forgot to specify –

This section will be opened for Sixers games and other events. Same concept, but the price hasn’t been set yet, so there’s a chance these standing room tickets might be $30 or $40 or something like that. Will update if I get that information.