You could probably see this coming from a mile away, but the celebrity boxing match between the Angry Bagel Guy and Screech did not take place on Saturday night.

The Bagel Guy skipped out on the fight, claiming that he “fooled” us all via this Twitter post:

Bagel guy:

“I fooled you all! I ain’t coming to the fight. I mean after all, what’s the best way to not get hit? Don’t be there! And now look at yous, you’re all sitting there with your thumbs way, way directly up your asses!”

Apparently Morgan was sitting in his car smoking weed all day. He then posted this on Sunday night:

So there you have it. The Angry Bagel Guy was supposed to fight Lenny Dykstra. Nails pulled out of the fight to attend to legal matters. Instead of fighting Screech, Morgan skipped out on the fight.

If you predicted that this fight would never happen, you can now cash your bet.