Kyle Brandt Believes the Giants Need to Move on From “Old Yeller,” aka Eli Manning

Brad Penner - USA Today Sports

Kyle Brandt generally tells it how it is. The Good Morning Football host delivered some pointed messages to the Eagles during the Super Bowl run and following season, a couple of “pump up” speeches to get everybody excited. 

He was at it again this morning, calling for the obvious, which is the benching of Eli Manning for Daniel Jones. It’s obvious to everyone except the Giants’ front office and about 75% of their fans:

It’s a great comparison. Eli Manning is, in fact, Old Yeller.

Everybody loved Old Yeller, who won a pair of Super Bowls and also defended his family from a pack of feral hogs. He was loyal and steady, a fan-favorite, but eventually he contracted rabies and became a threat, something counterproductive to the operation. The situation was just no longer tenable, so they had to take Old Yeller out back and, well, you know the rest.

It wasn’t something they wanted to do, but they had to do it.

Same situation for the 0-2 New York Giants, who are going on eight seasons now without a playoff win.


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  1. Who’s idea was it to pair Gargano and Myrtetus? It isn’t working, just like Tra and Farzy. 975 is awful to listen to, I would rather listen to Booger and Tess.

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