A Dallas Cowboys Fan Tried to Break Into Fletcher Cox’s House

fletcher cox

Fletcher Cox missed practice last Wednesday for what the Eagles called “illness,” but it turns out he was involved in an altercation at his Mullica Hill home.

We heard details involving this incident, but Eagles PR ignored our request for comment and we couldn’t confirm with multiple South Jersey police departments, who didn’t return multiple phone calls.

But turns out this Twitter account sniffed out the story before anybody else:

6 ABC confirmed it last night with a story titled “Exclusive: Man arrested after violent altercation at home of Philadelphia Eagles DT Fletcher Cox,” writing the following:

Court documents obtained exclusively by Action News outline the details of a violent burglary that forced Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox to grab a shotgun, forcing the suspect to flee and lead police on a pursuit.

A blue tarp still covers the front door of Cox’s Mullica Hill, New Jersey home.

The incident happened last week.

According to court records, Corbyn Nyemah showed up at Cox’s house looking for his ex-girlfriend. Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle before attempting to forcibly enter the home by throwing rocks through the front door.

Police caught up to Nyemah on the Commodore Barry Bridge.

Action News reporter Chad Pradelli later tracked down the guy:

The ex-girlfriend was granted a restraining order and Nyemah is expected in court later in October. We were told that an additional police presence was granted to the girlfriend’s family after Nyemah’s car was spotted near their neighborhood.

Nyemah is a former East Stroudsburg football player and an All-Delco honorable mention in football and baseball at Chichester High School. His Instagram features a few photos of him wearing Dallas Cowboys gear:

You may recall that Cox was the “focus of a 2017 lawsuit” that alleged he ended a marriage between a North Carolina man and woman after text messages from Cox were discovered. In them, Cox told the woman he wanted to get her pregnant.

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15 Responses

  1. Wasn’t Fletcher involved in a similar incident a few years back? Bubba from forrest gump loves other men’s women. Time to trade this fat bum for a 4th rounder.

  2. Of course this guy owns a pit bull .
    Also . Fletcher needs to go to sex addiction rehab . Always hearing this guy sticks his dick in anybody

    1. And of course when he goes to jail, the liberal guilt crew will demand I adopt this morons messed up dog instead of getting a puppy whos gut reaction will be not to rip my face off. Not a chance, Susan.

  3. Wouldn’t shock me if fat fuck fletcher tried banging a teammates wife. Can’t trust a guy like that

  4. Did anyone hear the horse face rhea Hughes say that if someone breaks into your house with a bat, you shouldn’t grab a gun, you should call the police. That’s great advice! So if you are looking to break into someone’s house and know that you’ll have 5-10 minutes to do what you want before the police show up, choose rheas house! Just be careful not to trip on any saddles or reins

  5. My man Fletcher Cox out here after ALL OF YOUR WOMEN. I salute you sir. #HomeWrecker

  6. But the previous owners were really obsessed with D i s n e y for the family bedrooms. I guess he bought it when he was still on his rookie contract. I’ll bet the neighbors never would expect an incident like this to occur there.

  7. Thank God we won that Super Bowl. I’m still trying to figure out how it happened. Sometimes the confluence of time and space merges with the universe and creates a Unicorn event. It might not happen again in a thousand years but it did for this team. Meanwhile teams like the Falcons will still be searching for a title long after Mr Blank has left this mortal coil.

  8. it’s a Delco thing, you wouldnt understand. Marcus Hook.
    She said “Kiss me where it stinks, so i drove her to Marcus Hook”

    funny how both Aikman and Collingsworth have commented on Cox’s “health”.

  9. probably just wanted to chug some fletcher…………
    Most cowboys fan are like that………..

  10. They may call it burglary but it’s just one dude attacking another dude over a chick. It has nothing to do with a real burglary. And it has nothing to do with one being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Jeez!! Exaggerate the truth much to see your writing?!?

    And!! If Cox has a history of getting women to cheat on their boyfriends then the law should be written saying he gets what’s coming to him for being an arse.

  11. It’s burglary when you crash your car into someone’s house to break in ..or at least breaking and entering.
    Story says it’s the guys EX girlfriend. Guess Fletcher should start asking women just how long they’ve been broken up with their prior bfs before screwing them.
    I’d still trade him though …just not the dominant force you need to be making that kinda money. I understand doesn’t have a lot of talent around him with all the other d line injuries but he has trouble even winning one on one matchups consistently anymore.

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