Never a dull moment with the Philadelphia Eagles press corps.

So earlier today Howard Eskin went on Angelo Cataldi’s show and revealed that Alshon Jeffery is Josina Anderson’s mystery Eagles source. Anderson parried that claim by saying that Eskin “has zero knowledge” of whom her anonymous source is.

That took us into today’s Doug Pederson press conference, where the head ball coach was asked specifically about Eskin’s comments by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jeff McLane. Here’s the exchange:

McLane: Doug there was a report that Alshon Jeffery was behind the anonymous quotes to ESPN. Number one, is that true?

Pederson: I think that was last week’s news, so I’m not gonna comment on that. I don’t know. I don’t know.

McLane: Number two, that person, the person who reported it doesn’t technically work for the Eagles but he’s on the sideline with the Eagles. He flies with the Eagles. He wears a Super Bowl ring given to him by the Eagles. Are we to assume that because he reported it that it’s something the Eagles wanted out there?

Pederson: (pause) I don’t know. That we know?

McLane: That he’s behind it?

Pederson: No, I mean that has nothing to do with the Buffalo Bills this week or the Dallas Cowboys, so I’m not going to answer those comments. No, I’m not going there.

“He wears a Super Bowl ring given to him by the Eagles”

That’s a savage line. I award McLane +5 points just for having the audacity to say that while Howard was in the same room.

Enrico over at NBC Sports Philadelphia added this:

Once the press conference ended, Eskin had some choice words for McLane who reportedly took the high road and avoided a confrontation, according to people in the room.

Damn. They should have thrown down, like Jeff and Les Bowen a few years ago. It’s been way too long since an Eagles reporter punched another Eagles reporter in the face.

We could do a celebrity boxing match between McLane and The King, promoted by Damon Feldman. Then, at the last minute, McLane drops out of the fight and Howard takes on The Angry Bagel guy instead.

If any Eagles people wanna provide more information on the “choice words” Eskin had for McLane, email me at [email protected]. You will remain anonymous, and I will have Josina Anderson tweet it out later.

Here’s Doug’s full press conference: