Josina Anderson’s Eagles Source Returns

via Instagram

Somebody is talking again:

It’s not the first time the snitch has gone to Anderson.

Last November, she appeared on NFL Live with information from a source describing why the Eagles had been struggling. That source told Anderson that the team did not have a Super Bowl hangover, but a chemistry issue instead, and suggested that Zach Ertz was receiving too many targets while the coaches weren’t running the ball enough.

Running theory was that the snitch was Alshon Jeffery, since that batch of complaints sounded like it was coming from an offensive player, plus the fact that Anderson has sourced Jeffery directly in the past on multiple occasions:

So we already know that Jeffery and Anderson talk. Question is whether he’s also being quoted anonymously as well.


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13 Responses

  1. 1. Thats a tan, ten, ten. 2. can you post a flyers article so I can continue to bash their lack of talent like I started yesterday, yes I’m an actual Flyers fan and tired of this shit.

  2. My guess is the source is Sidney Jones, who desperately wants to go back as a work-in-progress player and not the focal point of this disastrous secondary.

  3. That is one hideous creature right there. Why in the world would someone make themselves look like that?

  4. josina anderson is sometimes where i rest, when i get excited.
    shes ok, but she cant keep here mouth shut…

    Dont tell Alshon!

  5. They have enormous amount of their cap in three players. Goff, Donald and Cooks. Now Ramsey will be the fourth with his contract after this season is over. Remember, the Birds already have a ring in the bank. The LA Rams have never won a ring as the LA Rams. Not the current team or the previous team before it moved to STL.

  6. Eagles beat Dallas…..Jerry Jones signs Kaepernick.

    gotta be Alshon whining……they all want the ball. That tight end screen with Goddert was good.

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